Test of the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX: should we favor this high-end version?

Test of the Volkswagen ID5 GTX should we favor this

After ID.4, Volkswagen ID.5 offers a new design alternative for electric vehicle enthusiasts. It was at the wheel of the GTX finish, the most powerful version, that we went to discover this novelty. Volkswagen ID.5 is the third version in the ID range, bringing together the German manufacturer’s 100% electric vehicles. Behind this name, we … Read more

For Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic, “the App Store is not doing developers a favor”

1653672827 For Tim Sweeney the boss of Epic the App Store

Tim Sweeney doesn’t give up. The founder and boss of Epic, who went to war against Apple over the practices of the App Store, gave the background of his thoughts in an interview with the FinancialTimes. Not surprisingly, he blames the ” monopolies from Apple and Google in the area of ​​digital content distribution. The … Read more

The iPhone 15 could finally ditch the Lightning port in favor of USB-C

While the entire smartphone industry has now adopted the USB Type-C standard, Apple is still resisting with the Lightning port on its mobiles. But according to some rumors, it will soon be over. Apple’s closed ecosystem vision is both software and hardware. The Lightning port, launched in 2012 with iPhone 5, is a good example. … Read more