State of Play PS5: Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy… The conference summarized

State of Play PS5 Resident Evil Street Fighter Final Fantasy…

Who says summer video game season says big announcements in perspective. And we were not mistaken this week with a State of Play from Sony rich in emotions. We summarize the content for you. Summary [Mis à jour le 3 juin 2022 à 10h25] After announcing that PS VR 2 would be the central element of … Read more

Metaverse: Not just “entertainment”, says Naoki Yoshida, the magician of Final Fantasy XIV

Metaverse Not just entertainment says Naoki Yoshida the magician of

Interviewed by Weekly Bunshun, Naoki Yoshida, producer of FFXIV, spoke extensively about the success of the MMORPG. An opportunity also for him to come back to the comments comparing the metaverse to Final Fantasy XIV. He specified that the two have nothing similar. Besides, the metaverse is not a form of entertainment in itself. To … Read more

Sorare: complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that is driving the web crazy

Sorare complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that

Sorare represents the new generation of fantasy football but in a more complex version. This comprehensive guide covers all the steps you need to take to get started on the platform. Sorare is a fantasy football game available worldwide, played with digital cards NFT under license of your choice. These can be used collectively to … Read more