These fake news that distort our judgments…

– Jean Gabriel Ganaschia © MoricetteMartin – “Fake news” is false information transmitted with the deliberate intention to deceive. It is a practice that begins very early with libels, rumors and “propaganda”. In the latter case, it is states that are trying to forge the collective imagination. In the 20th century, the USA played a … Read more

The Fake Martin Scorsese Movie Hits The Internet – Deadline

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

This is a containment breach. It’s the phrase commonly used by those who use the microblogging and social networking website, when a meme, trend or sensation escapes the confines of what is usually a very insular space and ends up on other platforms or, God forbid, journalistic media. It can indicate when the fun … Read more

Uninstall Fake File Manager Apps That Steal Your Money

Uninstall Fake File Manager Apps That Steal Your Money.webp

Not a week goes by without malicious apps being reported on the Play Store. Today, it is the security software publisher Bitdefender which alerts on four Android applications to be uninstalled urgently. Seemingly harmless, these fake cleaner and file manager apps have infiltrated the Android app store, infecting users with the Sharkbot banking Trojan. Now … Read more

Fake sites, dropshipping, non-compliant products…: our tips for avoiding scams on the internet

Earn money easily on the Internet like a dream

Before ordering, look for the legal notices of the site (name, company name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.), which are generally in the general conditions of sale. They must be provided to you: if you can’t find them, run away, it is most likely a scam. Then, check the e-reputation of the site you … Read more

Deepfakes on LinkedIn: fake profiles are invading the professional network

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

Like any good self-respecting social network, LinkedIn is a popular platform for hackers and other bots, automated computer programs that simulate the behavior of a human person. However, the platform had so far managed to keep a serious and reliable image, a false sense of security perfect for the user to lower his guard. It … Read more

Beware of this scam that makes you take a fake internet subscription!

Scam ideas abound in the heads of scammers who imagine all the schemes to empty or lighten our bank accounts. Today they are attacking the Internet squarely! Indeed, at the moment there is a scam in which thugs are betting on the end of the copper network, ADSL, announced for 2030. Thus, they sell to … Read more