Marc Levy rants against the excesses of the Internet: “Facebook and Google know you better than your husband and your children”

Three years of investigation and frequenting hackers allowed Marc Levy to imagine his series 9, whose 3rd volume will be released this Tuesday, May 17. If, in his novel, piracy is used for noble causes, the writer deplores the abuses of the powerful computer and social networks who seize our personal data. The continuation under … Read more

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Your Android or IOS App and Website

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Your Android or IOS

Facebook is a great place to be social without actual physical contact. Social media platform has become an integral part of our lives as we tend to get all the information about our loved ones, friends, family, etc. from it. However, this also means that she becomes a support for stalkers. We all have experienced … Read more

Facebook: the slowdown in growth impacts the group’s metaverse projects

Virtual and augmented reality Metas next headset will cost a

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg’s company made an important pivot, making the metaverse its new priority. To reflect this, the name has been changed to Meta. And moreover, it has spent lavishly to develop this metaverse, as well as the AR/VR helmets/glasses allowing access to it. But unfortunately for Zuckerberg, Meta has had to tighten its … Read more

Horizon Worlds, the “Metaverse” à la Facebook, should arrive in France this summer

1652435475 Horizon Worlds the Metaverse a la Facebook should arrive in

In an email sent on May 12, Meta informs Oculus headset owners that it will be merging its Horizon Venues and Horizon Worlds apps on June 6. The latter is only available in the United States and Canada, but its expansion to other countries is imminent. Launching in the United States and Canada in December … Read more

Meta (Facebook) opens its first store: Consumer VR headsets and Metavers is slowly but surely coming to fruition! – Mag Mirror

Meta Facebook opens its first store Consumer VR headsets and

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Many teenagers own virtual reality headsets, but have they started using them like smartphones? For now, the answer is no. A quarter (26%) of teens say they own a virtual reality headset, a higher level of VR device ownership than expected, but with only 5% of teens saying they use … Read more