Research on facial emotion expression recognition could change our understanding of autism Psychology and Psychiatry News

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

There is a common perception that people with autism cannot recognize the emotions of others and have little idea how effectively they do so. But autistic adults are only slightly less accurate at reading people’s facial emotions compared to their non-autistic peers, new research from Australia has found. Recent research published in two articles in … Read more

Altered gene expression after heart surgery prolongs cardiomyocyte regeneration – Genetics News

While lower vertebrates can repair their adult hearts after a heart attack, mammals, including humans, cannot. The ability to regenerate dead muscle tissue in the mammalian heart disappears just days after birth as heart muscle cells, called cardiomyocytes, leave the cell cycle. After that, all heart growth comes from the enlargement of existing cells, not … Read more

In Le Havre, the “Extimité” exhibition offers the expression of trans artists

In Le Havre the Extimite exhibition offers the expression of

Posted on 7/06/2022 at 11:56 La Glacière is hosting “Extimité” until June 8, 2022, an exhibition featuring works by trans artists who return to their own journey. “Plastic Trans” by the artist Obsolete, a mobile that brings together several pieces illustrating transidentity – Léna Exbrayat “Plastic Trans” by the artist Obsolete, a mobile that brings … Read more