Covid long: the hypothesis of a deregulated immune response to explain the persistence of symptoms

Covid long the hypothesis of a deregulated immune response to

Covid-19: Intracellular observation of reconstructed human respiratory epithelium MucilAir™ infected with SARS-CoV-2. © Manuel Rosa-Calatrava, Inserm; Olivier Terrier, CNRS; Andres Pizzorno, Signia Therapeutics; Elisabeth Errazuriz-Cerda UCBL1 CIQLE. VirPath (International Center for Research in Infectiology U1111 Inserm – UMR 5308 CNRS – ENS Lyon – UCBL1). Colorized by Noa Rosa C. Some patients still have persistent … Read more

We explain how to use the social network Mastodon, one of the alternatives to Twitter, bought by Elon Musk

We explain how to use the social network Mastodon one

Mastodon, you know? Since the announcement of the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, many users have migrated to this social network. Worried about possible changes in moderation regulations, outraged by the sudden dismissal of thousands of employees, or refusing the idea of ​​a paid subscription to the network, thousands of Internet users are looking … Read more

Internet: will you lose the network this winter? We explain to you

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

It will probably be necessary face a winter with difficulties to manage the supply of internet to the French. As a result, telecom operators fear Internet cuts during the winter. According to them, energy shortage could disrupt telecommunications networks. They point to one of the measures planned by the government to relieve the electricity network. … Read more

Yves Wespisser: How to explain what Green IT is

Yves Wespisser How to explain what Green IT is

Yves Wespisser: Objective of green computing, what is it? The goal of Green IT is to reduce the environmental impact of IT while providing the same or better levels of service. In doing so, it can help businesses save money on energy costs, improve their green credentials, and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations. There … Read more

A new study has identified an important molecular analogy that could explain the remarkable intelligence of these invertebrates – Psychology and Psychiatry News

The octopus is an exceptional organism with an extremely complex brain and unique cognitive abilities among invertebrates. So much so that in some ways it has more in common with vertebrates than with invertebrates. The neural and cognitive complexity of these animals could come from a molecular analogy with the human brain, as discovered in … Read more

What is Adaptive Charging on Android? We explain it to you

What is Adaptive Charging on Android We explain it to

Maximize your battery life by enabling the adaptive charging option on your device. One of the problems that we usually encounter in our devices over time is the degradation of certain components. Some call it planned obsolescence, others simply call it wear and tear. One of the components that degrades the most is the battery. … Read more

How to explain the popularity of CryptoPunks?

Basically, they are pixelated and minimalist figures, and their artistic aspect is not obvious at first glance. Still, CryptoPunks are the collection of NFTs that have had the most impact and some have sold for millions of dollars. How to explain such a passion for computer-generated characters? Of all the collections of NFT uploaded, CryptoPunks … Read more

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Tableau Cloud integrates Data Stories to explain data clearly Computerworld

Extending and facilitating access to data analysis is one of the focuses of Tableau, which organized its annual conference in Las Vegas this week. To present the analyzed data in natural language, the editor integrates Data Stories into its SaaS offer, renamed Tableau Cloud. It also adds the ability to create native predictive models, without … Read more