Online voting: computer security experts abstain! | Engineering Techniques

This solution is tempting, but it is very complicated to implement to avoid all fraud. INRIA has developed Belenios, an online platform that allows you to encrypt your ballot. But it cannot claim to replace the ballot box. Will going to your polling station ever be a thing of the past? Online voting has been … Read more

Freelance IT: the platform that connects web experts and companies

Freelance IT the platform that connects web experts and companies

You are a company looking for a developer website freelance, or vice versa? The Freelance IT platform is positioned as the ideal intermediary. Developers and other web experts who start their careers as freelancers must immediately face a major difficulty: finding their first customers. It is a necessary step to expand your portfolio, find recurring … Read more

At Cannes, experts assess Europe’s potential as a world leader in virtual production

05/20/2022 – CANNES 2022: The benefits of virtual production and other new technologies will make life easier for directors, but they will also change some of the production work This article is available in English. On 19 May, the Marina Stage of the Film Market hosted the Canes Next panel “Europe as a Global Leader … Read more

Tobii: when the “eye tracking” experts make your life easier

Laurent Giraldon and Nicolas Ribeyre have listened carefully to understand how this technology allows us to know precisely what we are looking at and how we can use our gaze as a 3rd arm either in a virtual reality helmet, or in front of a screen. Did you say “eye tracking”? Sight is the primary … Read more