Hydrogène et sécurité : les risques expliqués par les experts de l'Ineris

Expert public pour la prévention des risques technologiques, l’Ineris avait programmé jeudi 20 octobre 2022 un webinaire traitant des problèmes spécifiques posés par l’hydrogène, et de la mise en place de moyens pour l’exploiter avec un maximum de sécurité. H2-Mobile a suivi cette conférence qui a rassemblé de l’ordre de 300 personnes de l’autre côté … Read more

AI: Experts set up a competition to identify discriminating systems

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are ubiquitous and they work all the time, but it sometimes takes months or even years to understand how they are biased and discriminating. Yet the stakes are often high: Unfair AI systems can lead to the arrest of innocent people and deprive people of access to housing, employment, or basic … Read more

Loi européenne sur les puces : des experts appellent à se concentrer sur l’informatique quantique

Loi europeenne sur les puces des experts appellent a

Des experts ont appelé à intégrer le développement et l’investissement dans l’informatique quantique dans la loi européenne sur les puces, l’UE étant un leader prometteur dans ce domaine. Des représentants politiques, industriels et scientifiques ont discuté du lien entre la technologie quantique et la future loi sur les puces lors du sommet de l’Espace européen … Read more

Experts say AI could one day trigger a major nuclear disaster

Une oeuvre dart generee par une IA gagne le premier

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The last decade has been marked by incredible advances in technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, they are now so advanced that they can be used in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, art, security management, management, etc. However, certain … Read more

By 2026, 90% of online content will be produced by AI, experts say

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) According to a report by Europol’s innovation laboratory, greater vigilance will be required in the years to come as to the veracity of the content we consult online. Indeed, experts estimate that up to 90% of online content could be artificially generated by 2026, … Read more

At the Venice Production Bridge, French experts discuss XR distribution strategies

At the Venice Production Bridge French experts discuss XR distribution

09/14/2022 – VENICE 2022: During the discussion, it emerged that marketing strategies play a much more important role than in the past, which affects the entire creative process This article is available in English. On September 2, Venice Production Bridge‘s Spazio Incontri Immersivo hosted a panel discussion titled “How to Think XR Distribution Strategies From … Read more

Is Google’s AI Sensitive? Stanford AI Experts Say It’s ‘Pure Clickbait’

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Following viral claims by a Google engineer that the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ‘LaMDa’ was sentient, Stanford experts urged skepticism and open-mindedness while encouraging a rethink of what means to be “sensitive”. Blake Lemoine was an engineer tasked with testing whether Google’s conversational AI machine produced hate speech when his conversations with LaMDA led him … Read more

Online voting: computer security experts abstain! | Engineering Techniques

This solution is tempting, but it is very complicated to implement to avoid all fraud. INRIA has developed Belenios, an online platform that allows you to encrypt your ballot. But it cannot claim to replace the ballot box. Will going to your polling station ever be a thing of the past? Online voting has been … Read more

Freelance IT: the platform that connects web experts and companies

Freelance IT the platform that connects web experts and companies

You are a company looking for a developer website freelance, or vice versa? The Freelance IT platform is positioned as the ideal intermediary. Developers and other web experts who start their careers as freelancers must immediately face a major difficulty: finding their first customers. It is a necessary step to expand your portfolio, find recurring … Read more

At Cannes, experts assess Europe’s potential as a world leader in virtual production

05/20/2022 – CANNES 2022: The benefits of virtual production and other new technologies will make life easier for directors, but they will also change some of the production work This article is available in English. On 19 May, the Marina Stage of the Film Market hosted the Canes Next panel “Europe as a Global Leader … Read more