What are the solutions that exist to make free video calls using the internet?

What are the solutions that exist to make free video

It is particularly difficult to keep in touch with relatives who live far away. When this happens, it is usually a written conversation or a voice call, which does not allow maintain eye contact and maintain proximity. However, in recent years various applications have been designed to help people communicate directly by video. These platforms … Read more

These professions that do not yet exist…

These professions that do not yet

AI ethicist, psydesigner, egoteller Whether you’re asking questions to an SNCF chatbot, finding your way on Waze, scrolling through your news feed on Facebook or translating a text on Google, artificial intelligence is already an integral part of your daily life. Although still in its infancy, AI has already begun to create its share of … Read more

University of the coast: “Unemployment, in computer science, it does not exist”

University of the coast Unemployment in computer science it does

The Université du littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO) is 30 years old. And good results in terms of integration into the labor market. New example in our series, with IT. License 3 in computer science course (object-oriented language) with Jérôme Buisine. PHOTO JOHAN BEN AZZOUZ – VDNPQR Éric Ramat is director of the IT department. Published: … Read more

Stop clashing with Carrefour’s VR metaverse, it doesn’t exist

Stop clashing with Carrefours VR metaverse it doesnt

A tweet published by Alexandre Bompard, the CEO of Carrefour, is the subject of much criticism. He presents “the first job interviews in the metaverse”, which amuses or provokes the annoyance of many people. But the Carrefour video, which is clearly a publicity stunt, is far from representing the future: it’s not really about virtual … Read more