Apex Legends mobile: an exclusive legend? All about the release of the game

Apex Legends mobile an exclusive legend All about the release

When you’re one of the most popular Battle Royales on the planet, why not expand your horizons to new gaming platforms? Apex Legends has arrived on mobile, find out when, how and why to play it. Summary [Mis à jour le 17 mai 2022 à 16h35] The border between mobile games and games in general … Read more

Play Azur Festival 2022: the program of festivities on the GAMERGEN.COM stand for this crazy weekend (with a super exclusive)

Play Azur Festival 2022 the program of festivities on the

The fifth edition of Play Azur Festival will open its doors tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, May 14 and 15, 2022. Throughout the weekend, web culture (Youtubeweb-series…), pop culture (cosplay, video games, SF, comics, manga, steampunkJapanese culture…) and new technologies (sciences, robotics, popularization…) will be there. For six years, we have shared … Read more