We tested ChatGPT, the computer robot that writes texts… Bluffing and a little disturbing! – Evening edition Ouest-France – 06/12/2022

Tesla un impressionnant accident en Chine relance a tort

By Clementine MALIGORNE Developed by the Californian start-up OpenAI, the ChatGPT software is designed to generate texts. Particularly powerful, managed by artificial intelligence, this computer robot is capable of producing surprisingly coherent and successful writing. Cooking recipe, poem, scientific concept, political speech, dissertation, children’s story, press article… The performance of ChatGPT, a text generator based … Read more

A 2007 iPhone, the very first from Apple, sold at auction for more than €39,000 – Ouest-France evening edition – 10/18/2022

A 2007 iPhone the very first from Apple sold at

By Nicolas HASSON-FAURE A 2007 iPhone, the first smartphone from computer giant Apple, sold for more than €39,000 at auction, Sunday October 16, 2022. The device was still in its original box, it was bought 65 times its original price! “The iPhone is a revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of … Read more

“Put AI in your business”: an exceptional evening of the Club Business IA | WebtimeMedias

A new economic revolution is announced with the rise of Artificial Intelligence. An area in which the Côte d’Azur, which positions itself as the Land of AI, is well positioned to take part. Organized on Tuesday, July 5 at Espaces Antipolis, the Club Business IA evening gives you ideas and keys to “put AI in … Read more

Marl. Music: an electronic evening on Saturday

Marl Music an electronic evening on Saturday

By Writing Coulommiers Published on Jun 24 ’22 at 10:04 The Briard Country See my news Follow this media The organizers: from left to right Guillaume, Denis, Hugo, Raphaël, Constantin. (©LPB) A group of friends gathered within the association ” Electronic Sezanne » had the idea of ​​organizing a electronic party the Saturday, June 25, … Read more

Why do iPhones and iPads always show the same time in ads? – Ouest-France evening edition – 05/23/2022

On each advertisement presenting Apple’s flagship products, the same time is always displayed: 9:41 a.m. A nod to Steve Jobs, the late founder and charismatic boss of the Apple brand. We explain why. All advertisements showing iPhones and iPads, the brand’s smartphones and tablets Appledisplay the same time: 9:41. geek, these people who are passionate … Read more

Unusual – “prom” atmosphere at the Ar(t)senal in Dreux, this Friday evening

Unusual prom atmosphere at the Artsenal in Dreux

A very playful “tailor-made” and free evening is offered this Friday, May 13, at the Ar What can we do there? Playing with a lightsaber to break cubes in virtual reality, learning about live video game streaming, doing photobooths (selfies with accessories), MAO (computer-assisted music)… And lots of other surprises. The meeting was organized in … Read more

FACT OF THE EVENING These computer surgeons want to heal the digital divide – Objectif Gard

FACT OF THE EVENING These computer surgeons want to heal

Four months after the takeover of the VM Center company and its installation in Beaucaire, Romain Blucher and Benjamin Pinaton launched “Recyclordi”. To carry out this solidarity initiative, the two young men are looking for partners. The community of communes Beaucaire Terre d’Argence is already there. Fresh out of Greta du Gard, his senior systems … Read more

Beware of this new scam on the internet, which asks you to share your screen – Evening edition Ouest-France – 09/05/2022

A new type of scam is spreading on the internet. Thanks to screen sharing tools, crooks can take control of your computer, and thus recover sensitive information, such as your bank details. According to the British financial sector regulator, more than 29 million euros have been stolen since January 2021 They are our neighborsAcross the … Read more