“The race without Europe for artificial intelligence”. By Cyrille Lachevre

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Could artificial intelligence help us fight global warming more effectively? In a study published in early July, the Boston consulting group (BCG) details how AI is becoming an essential tool in the strategy of companies and public institutions to reduce their carbon emissions. In the midst of a heat wave, this theme obviously did not … Read more

An Israeli embryo selection system optimizing IVF approved by Europe

An Israeli embryo selection system optimizing IVF approved by Europe

An Israeli-made automated system for predicting which embryos destined for artificial insemination have the best chance of resulting in pregnancy has received approval in Europe for use in clinics, the company Fairtility said Monday, based in Tel Aviv. The company said the tool was already in use on a trial basis in 30 clinics across … Read more

After the Lightning port, Europe decides to tackle the App Store

App Store Apples commission is also threatened in the United

The European Union is not making friends with Cupertino. The body that regulates part of the policy on the old continent has indeed adopted two texts strongly criticized by Apple and GAFAM. The DSA and the DMA are unanimously repelled by the giants of the web who consider them “contrary to the foundations of the … Read more

iPhone: Apple will have to authorize alternative App Stores from 2022 in Europe

iPhone Apple will have to authorize alternative App Stores from

The European Parliament has adopted two new pieces of legislation on digital services and digital markets. Their goal is to frame the application market on smartphones and tablets, whether on iOS and Android. One of the consequences would be the obligation for Apple to let other application stores appear on the iPhone. Both texts must … Read more

Free international package: is the operator worth it outside Europe and overseas departments?

Free international package is the operator worth it outside Europe

You often travel outside Europe and overseas departments and you wonder if the Free international plan is for you. In this page, we detail all the features of Free’s international plan and its pros and cons for customers. © Lemon Squeezer / Unsplash / Freestocks Present since 2012, Free Mobile is the troublemaker of French … Read more

Europe paves the right way to regulate the Internet giants – Teller Report

We know it too little: the future of our digital economy and, therefore, of our society, is being played out in Brussels. The new economic power belongs to the ne giantst: the seven largest market capitalizations, the most successful start-ups, are “multi-sided platforms”. Platforms are ecosystems, with one monopolized segment – the heart of the … Read more

United States, China, Europe: three shades of metaverse

Virtual universes, but very real borders: the metaverse will not escape the movement of great decoupling between East and West which today affects the global tech . “The questions of geopolitics which today concern technology will logically also arise in the metaverse , whether personal data, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, etc. “Said Sienna Tompkins, associate … Read more

Europe 1 Trophies of the Future: discover all the candidates for the 2022 edition

In partnership with Derichebourg, Business France, the Arthritis Foundation and Acadomia, Future Trophies reward companies, associations or local authorities. This competition honors 32 men and women through the different categories: food, health, mobility, solidarity, local authorities, education, environment, not to mention the favorite of the listeners of Europe 1. Feed Beesk, the start-up that fights … Read more

Europe forces Apple to modify its iPhone to be closer to Android smartphones

Europe forces Apple to modify its iPhone to be closer

News hardware Europe forces Apple to modify its iPhone to be closer to Android smartphones Published on 07/06/2022 at 18:22 We have been talking about it for years now, years of debate in the European Parliament, years of pressure from various lobbies. That’s it, an agreement has been reached by the representatives of the 27 … Read more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announces the construction of its first factory dedicated to HPC and AI in Europe

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced on May 18 the construction of its first factory in Europe to support the development of exascale-class supercomputers and intelligence systems. The installation of this new site will not only accelerate deliveries to customers and strengthen the supplier ecosystem, but also advance scientific research, AL/ML initiatives and support innovation. Hewlett … Read more