Real estate: What are the prospecting trends for 2023? – MySweetimmo

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In 2022, the majority of real estate professionals agree that sales mandates are not coming in abundance. In addition, we were able to observe a tightening of the legislation reducing the scope of physical prospecting but also by telephone. However, the return to office is the sinews of war for professionals and this constant decline … Read more

“Compose your 2023 digital strategy to accelerate your entry of mandates”, Jonathan VOOGT, real estate coach at Expertimo – Journal de l’Agence

Compose your 2023 digital strategy to accelerate your entry of

Implementing your digital strategy requires good preparation in order to be effective in collecting sales leads. What are the digital developments in real estate and what are the trends for 2023? Overview of the techniques that have the wind in their sails by Jonathan Voogt. While 2022 is nearing its end, it is already time … Read more

“Vilogi, the mobile office for real estate professionals”, Samuel Essaka Ekedi – MySweetimmo

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My Sweet Immo set up its Mon Podcast Immo studio on November 8 and 9 at RENTAL lounge. Listen to the live interview of Samuel Essaka Ekedi, Development Director of Vilogipublisher of rental management and condominium management software for real estate professionals, at the microphone of Ariane Artinian. My Immo Podcast: What does Vilogi do? … Read more

Close-up on Vialink, the software publisher that increases the productivity of real estate professionals.

Close up on Vialink the software publisher that increases the productivity

By Christian Captain | the Monday, November 7, 2022 | Management software What are the advantages, for real estate professionals, of equipping themselves with the Vialink solution, a software component dedicated to rental management? The answers with Thomas Vatinel, marketing manager of this publisher which shows an annual growth rate of its turnover of 30%. … Read more

New real estate online: find your property easily with Bonnie

New real estate online find your property easily with Bonnie

Bonnie the ideal solution for buying new New to the market, the website Bonnie is revolutionizing real estate by breaking with the traditions of the sector: no intermediaries, online A to Z procedures and new services: A substantial real estate offer with more than 50,000 properties offered on the platform. The offer is not limited … Read more

New real estate: SeLoger offers an immersive real estate tour in the metaverse – MySweetimmo

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Taking over the metaverse is meeting the needs of 63% of future buyers who hope for more digital innovations from real estate professionals for the next 5 years! And because it is often necessary to be imaginative when planning a purchase in the new, SeLoger offers a new experience of visit which goes beyond the … Read more

Real estate website: an essential business lever

Real estate website an essential business lever

the Wednesday, March 16, 2022 | Sponsored Content – News At a time when 9 out of 10 real estate projects start on the web, the image conveyed by your real estate agency through its website is more essential than ever. How to ensure its relevance, effectiveness and attractiveness? Advice from Laurence Hermelin, Deputy Director … Read more

Metavers: real estate prices are collapsing

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To justify such a debacle, the arguments are not lacking. First factor mentioned by analysts: the collapse, last June, of the price of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The cryptocurrency market lost billions of dollars in valuation in a matter of weeks. The same goes for the NFT market: during the month of July 2022, $626.11 million … Read more

Real estate: the frenzy of new business school campuses

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“Future”, “innovative”, “intelligent” or “global” campuses: the names vary according to the major management schools, but they illustrate the multiplicity of real estate projects. The pandemic had put digital in the forefront and raised fears of a halt to their development. “It’s quite the opposite,” notes Stéphanie Lavigne, Director General of Toulouse Business School (TBS). … Read more

“Website: what mandatory information?”, Clémentine Mazedier Real estate expert SVP – Journal de l’Agence

Website what mandatory information Clementine Mazedier Real estate expert SVP

Certain information must be mentioned on your agency’s website. Make sure they are there. Just like on your storefront, various mandatory information must be present on your agency’s website. It is better to check that they are actually indicated because, in the event of an inspection, the agency can quickly find itself sanctioned. Information to … Read more