Why should entertainment players invest in the metaverse? – TOM.travel

Why should entertainment players invest in the metaverse – TOMtravel

After making a name for itself following its association with the musician Jean-Michel Jarre, the startup VRrOOm aims to revolutionize the performance and entertainment sector. Its objective: to create the new Youtube of the metaverse. Interview with Louis Cacciuttolo, its founder and CEO. Can you explain the concept of VRrOOM to us? Louis Cacciuttolo, founder … Read more

Metaverse: Not just “entertainment”, says Naoki Yoshida, the magician of Final Fantasy XIV

Metaverse Not just entertainment says Naoki Yoshida the magician of

Interviewed by Weekly Bunshun, Naoki Yoshida, producer of FFXIV, spoke extensively about the success of the MMORPG. An opportunity also for him to come back to the comments comparing the metaverse to Final Fantasy XIV. He specified that the two have nothing similar. Besides, the metaverse is not a form of entertainment in itself. To … Read more