Epita opens a new course to train engineers in quantum computing

Epita, a renowned school training computer engineers in five years, announced on November 24 the launch of a new major to train specialists in quantum software programming. This specialization will offer 700 hours of teaching spread over 18 months. The school had already been offering a quantum minor for several years, providing 39 hours of … Read more

Quantum computing engineers are setting a new standard for silicon chip performance – News Physics and Quantum Computing

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Two milliseconds – or two thousandths of a second – is an extraordinarily long time in the world of quantum computing. On these time scales, a blink of an eye – to a tenth of a second – is like an eternity. Now a team of researchers from UNSW Sydney have broken new ground by … Read more

The figure of the day: 115,000 additional jobs among computer engineers by 2030

France Strategy and the statistics division of the Ministry of Labor have delivered their projections on the dynamics of recruitment of professions by 2030. Computer engineers would be among the best off professions. Already accelerated in recent years by the development of digital technology in all parts of the economy, the transformation of the labor … Read more

Japan: Engineers Break World Record for Fastest Internet Speed

At Japanengineers have set a new world record for the fastest internet speed, and it’s so powerful that you would be able to download nearly 80,000 movies in a single second. Credit: Landry Miguel See also Internet speed is generally measured by the amount of data that can be transmitted between two devices in one … Read more