Energy crisis. Here’s why “sobriety” also involves our use of the Internet

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

What will the weather be like this weekend? How old is Brad Pitt? What route do you take to reach a meeting place? For every question we ask ourselves, the Internet has the answer. To work, communicate, look for information or simply to pass the time, French people aged 15 to 64 spent an average … Read more

Comcast Promises Energy Efficiency Improvements To Its Extensive Cable And Internet System

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

Comcast on Monday pledged to double the energy efficiency of its vast national broadband system that funnels a torrent of cable and Internet data into millions of homes. The Philadelphia-headquartered global media and technology company said it plans to double the energy efficiency of its network by 2030, halving the electricity consumed per terabyte of … Read more

Energy sobriety: a “commitment charter” in the pipeline for digital companies

Energy sobriety a commitment charter in the pipeline for digital

The government hammers it in all tones: businesses and individuals alike, everyone will have to make energy conservation efforts in order to avoid, or at least minimize, the electricity and gas cuts that the State fears for this winter, and reduce France’s greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve this, the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, … Read more

Bad buzz on social networks: in Lille, Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends energy sobriety and leaves in a big 4×4 Jeep

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

the essential The leader of Nupes was in great shape for his political comeback this Saturday at the Lille sale. Only, after a very offensive speech against the Head of State and nuclear power – in particular – his departure in a big 4×4 Jeep was the subject of numerous comments on social networks, this … Read more

Energy transition: five French nuggets to follow closely for their breakthrough technologies

Carbon concocts a gigafactory of solar panels A French gigafactory of solar panels. This is the crazy bet of the Lyon start-up Carbon, at a time when the European photovoltaic market is completely flooded with panels from Asia, which are driving prices down. But in a context where Europe’s energy sovereignty has become a crucial … Read more

Energy sobriety will require massive investment and the use of AI

The electronic label a must have in the face of the

What are the most energy-intensive expenses for a household and for a business? At the top of the list, we generally find the triptych heating, ventilation and air conditioning (or HVAC, in the jargon). Take the case of cinemas. France has approximately more than 2,000 distributed throughout the territory. According to a report by the … Read more

In the Pyrénées-Orientales, they invent a mobile and solar energy generator

Who hasn’t resented the sound, and the fury, of a generator engine running on diesel fuel under their windows? Or plagued just as much to find, at the end of the network, out of electricity? Are you looking to organize a concert at the end of the field? So if you have been in one … Read more

AI, cybersecurity and quantum, new themes of the EDF-INRIA partnership which aims to accelerate the energy transition

The EDF group and INRIA, the national research institute for digital sciences and technologies, signed an agreement in 2016 which led them to collaborate on around thirty projects. It is on the occasion of the Salon VivaTech 2022 that they announced their intention to strengthen their scientific and technological partnership. While certain themes such as … Read more

IT, energy, construction, finance: which sectors does your engineering school lead to?

Infographics. Engineer in transport, in chemistry or even in agronomy, the professional integration sectors vary greatly according to the school and the specialties chosen by the students. To help you choose your training according to the sectors of opportunity, l’Etudiant details the engineering schools which place the most graduates in ten major professional sectors. On … Read more

Energy transition: Autogrid announces its acquisition by Schneider Electric

Beginning, Autogrid, a pioneering AI-based optimization company for Distributed Energy Resources (DER), on a mission to accelerate access to clean, reliable and affordable energy, announced the signing of a definitive acquisition agreement by Schneider Electric, a global specialist in automation and energy management. The transaction, subject to obtaining regulatory clearance and certain customary closing conditions, … Read more