In tech, the headache of employees who no longer want to come to the office

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The bad example often comes from above. At the beginning of August, Nick Clegg, director of international affairs at Meta (ex-Facebook) announced that he was moving to London. Nothing surprising in itself for a British citizen who was Deputy Prime Minister of David Cameron from 2010 to 2015 and who must also get closer to … Read more

Employees fear surveillance in potential metaverse workplace

Employees fear surveillance in potential metaverse workplace

With workplaces so dispersed and decentralized by the pandemic, the idea of ​​a metaverse office has emerged. This presents itself as a way for employees to share a virtual space, no matter where they are physically. Some decided to dig in to see how well employees and employers welcome the concept, surveying 1,500 of them. … Read more

“Help: my employees are communicating on social media! » – Infopresse training

Help my employees are communicating on social media

It seems a long time ago when the communications department reigned supreme over the image of the company. The emergence of rating platforms as well as social media transforms each employee into a communication channel, for better or for worse. Renaud Margairaztrainer at business services of Infopresse Training, invites us to act proactively and help … Read more

Alexia Cordier, the boss of Fifty who puts all employees in motion

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Posted Jul 5, 2022, 6:30 AM A CEO is also the showcase of his company. Alexia Cordier is a very good example, according to her partner. “She’s a woman of action, who puts everyone in motion,” summarizes Jérémy Salmon, co-founder of Fifty, a solution that recommends concrete actions to employees following training. Four years after … Read more

Work: boss, employees or freelancers, they practice a vintage Internet

Landline telephone, wired connection, typewriter… Many of them use work tools dating from the infancy of the Internet. And listening to them, you may well be tempted. Overstressed, stressed, drowned in untimely notifications, they feel feverish and unable to concentrate. To preserve their mental healththey now favor work tools 2000s. Old technologies for comfort To … Read more

He steals the employee’s piggy bank, the baker broadcasts the video on social networks

He steals the employees piggy bank the baker broadcasts the

On May 31, around 3:30 p.m., a man entered the Histoire du Blé bakery in Noyelles-Godault, then took advantage of an employee taking care of his order to steal the piggy bank containing the employees’ tips. Despite the prohibition of such an approach, Florence Deldreve-Ferri, the manager, published the video of the scene on social … Read more

Why a boss relayed the list of 570 dismissed employees on the Internet

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Sebastian Siemiatkowski, the boss from Klarna, surprised everyone. On Tuesday, he relayed on his public networks the list of employees recently dismissed by fintech Swedish, relate The echoes. The latter are part of the wave of layoffs announced last week by the world leader in split payment. Klarna had declared that it wanted to part … Read more

How do SME employees view the future of their jobs in the face of automation?

Software Advice, a consulting, research and user opinion services company on software applications for businesses, member of the Gartner network, surveyed 1,000 French people, aged 18 to 65, working full-time or part-time partial within a company of less than 250 employees, last November. This survey focused on their expectations regarding the acceleration of the adoption … Read more

In Marseille, employees of a computer store in La Valentine switch to a four-day week

The seven employees of the former Bimp store, now LDLC, earn one day off per week and only work 32 hours. This new pace of work spread over four days satisfies the employees of the La Valentine brand in Marseille, like Hélène, sales representative. “I am delighted with this new schedule. It will shorten the … Read more

Why artificial intelligence no longer scares companies… and employees

Why artificial intelligence no longer scares companies… and

10 The adoption of artificial intelligence in companies has accelerated with the Covid-19 pandemic. But has the image of Epinal around this technology, close to a science fiction film, really disappeared? Feared as a grim reaper for millions of jobs around the world just 10 years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) has seen its perception evolve … Read more