EmotionTrac: Emotion recognition to select jurors

EmotionTrac analyzes facial expressions in real time The software of facial recognition are becoming more and more important in daily life. The police use it to investigate crimes. Smartphones and computers use it to secure data. Businesses use it to provide more personalized and targeted solutions and experiences to their customers. Even the bar examiners … Read more

En direct. Procès Narumi : piratage informatique de Zepeda, échec des recherches du corps, émotion de la famille, revivez la 4e journée

En direct Proces Narumi piratage informatique de Zepeda echec

Ce qu’il faut retenir Après l’interrogatoire incroyablement dense de la veille, le 4e jour du procès était l’occasion de se pencher sur les expertises techniques. Elles semblent accablantes pour Nicolas Zepeda. Selon la police japonaise et un enquêteur bisontin, l’accusé chilien a bien pris le contrôle des différents comptes informatiques de Narumi, avant et après … Read more

In Ukraine, the pride and emotion of the French forensic gendarmes sent to identify the victims: “We feel useful”

In Ukraine the pride and emotion of the French forensic

We are in the parking lot of a secure site somewhere in kyiv, the exact location to remain secret. Under a tent, near a large white van with the IRCGN (Institute for Criminal Research of the National Gendarmerie) logo, Amaury Pussiau, squadron leader and expert in genetic fingerprints, welcomes us: “Actually, here you are at … Read more