Electronic cigarettes: what are the consequences for your teeth?

Electronic cigarettes what are the consequences for your teeth

THE ESSENTIAL This isn’t the first time vaping has been suspected of harming our teeth. Previous research has shown links between e-cigarette use and gum disease and damage to tooth enamel. Electronic cigarette users are more likely to develop cavities. This is revealed by a new study conducted by professors at … Read more

Black Friday: 25% off your Vasco electronic translator

Black Friday 25 off your Vasco electronic translator

Stock up on great deals as the holiday season approaches by getting a oral translator of choice. Vasco Electronics, manufacturer of electronic translators, celebrates Black Week with 25% off the entire store If Black Friday is scheduled for November 25, this promotional operation is preceded by the Black Week at many merchants. This year, this … Read more

“Alpha Zulu”: when Phoenix is ​​reborn thanks to electronic music

Alpha Zulu when Phoenix is ​​reborn thanks to electronic music

Phoenix. What irreverence when you think about it. Irreverence and monumental faith in oneself. Obviously, the French quartet presaged, from its formation, an ability to renew itself without limit, like the mythical bird rising from its ashes. In seven discs often shunned by France but adored abroad (700,000 albums sold in the United States for … Read more

Democratize the electronic cigarette to help smokers

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The electronic cigarette has established itself as a useful tool for successfully quitting smoking. Le Petit Vapoteur was created 10 years ago with the intention of helping smokers. Anne Gréard, Director of Human Resources and Christophe Bourgeois, Chief Operating Officer, tell us about their vision. What is the history of the Petit Vapoteur? … Read more

All the advantages of the electronic cigarette for smoking

All the advantages of the electronic cigarette for smoking

operating characteristics of an electronic cigarette and its vapor The electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a device generating an inhalable and flavored aerosol that may contain nicotine. Thanks to this object, all people who wish to quit smoking find nicotine substitutes that can help them. Besides that, the use of the e-cigarette has many advantages … Read more

Electronic bracelet in Senegal: why the introduction of such a measure? – BBC News Africa

Electronic bracelet in Senegal why the introduction of such a

information article Author, Papa Atou Diaw Role, Senior Journalist Twitter, @@AtouDIAW 17 November 2022, 10:18 GMT Updated 3 hours ago Photo credit, Getty Images Senegal on Tuesday inaugurated an electronic surveillance center marking the beginning of effective placement under electronic surveillance. This device will make it possible to track the individual placed under electronic surveillance. … Read more

In Rouen, three years in prison for sequestration on a background of alcohol, electronic bracelet and sex

In Rouen three years in prison for sequestration on a

The Good Samaritan punished for his generosity: a man who welcomed an ex-prisoner equipped with an electronic bracelet was kidnapped by his guest and very violently beaten. The Rouen Criminal Court judged the case on November 7, 2022. It was in this room of the criminal court that the defendant was sentenced to three years … Read more

Treatment of electronic waste near Fécamp: the Morphosis company is always thinking bigger

Treatment of electronic waste near Fecamp the Morphosis company is

Based in Tourville-les-Ifs, Morphosis continues on its way, having been included in the “France 2030” plan launched by the State. It aims to multiply by ten its production from electronic waste. Serge Kimbel at the foot of one of the first machines in the recycling process that grinds the sorted material – Paris-Normandie Among the … Read more

Keymo (re)invents the stamp with an electronic key to seal and sign digital documents

Keymo reinvents the stamp with an electronic key to seal

There was a time when we always ran after the stamp to seal our shipments, or stamped our letters to be sent. Most of the time, you found the stamp, but not the inker and if you had a superb automatic stamp, the change of the inkwell plate often ended in a facelift of the … Read more

The advantages of Electronic Document Management in 2022 for MDPHs

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

A Departmental House for Disabled People (MDPH) generally manages many requests on a daily basis. This organization helps people with disabilities to take advantage of a multitude of benefits such as allowances, schooling aid or old-age insurance. To be effective in this year 2022, this service must adapt to developments in the digital field. Apart … Read more