Champions League: OL in search of their offensive efficiency

Champions League OL in search of their offensive efficiency

It is difficult to speak of a crisis, since OL are at the top of D1 with two points ahead of PSG and keep their destiny in hand in the Champions League when playing in Zurich this Thursday (6:45 p.m.), but some thing is not completely round with the European champion. “We have a start … Read more

Han’s Robot launches new automated arc welding robots for greater efficiency

Hans Robot launches new automated arc welding robots for greater

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Han’s Robot, a global leader in collaborative robots, recently launched a new automated arc welding system that improves precision, efficiency and welding stability. Welding operators typically face the high deployment costs of traditional industrial robots, high apprenticeship costs for welders, and high demands on welder capabilities. Therefore, … Read more

Versatility, efficiency and low price: why not opt ​​for the Asus Chromebook Flip C436FA?

Versatility efficiency and low price why not opt ​​for the

If the time is not yet Black Friday, this does not prevent e-merchants from offering interesting offers in the meantime. Example with Fnac, which is currently presenting a pack dedicated to the Asus Flip C436FA Chromebook for less than 700 euros. So a good ten years now that Chromebooks occupy a place of choice in … Read more

Energy efficiency of mobile video traffic, a must for operators

Energy efficiency of mobile video traffic a must for operators

Rising energy prices and environmental imperatives will boost research and solutions for mobile operators! Video content uses by far the most data, typically between 60% and 80% of mobile traffic. The challenge facing many different industries in 2022 and beyond will be energy prices and consumption. By their very nature, mobile networks consume large amounts … Read more

Comcast Promises Energy Efficiency Improvements To Its Extensive Cable And Internet System

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

Comcast on Monday pledged to double the energy efficiency of its vast national broadband system that funnels a torrent of cable and Internet data into millions of homes. The Philadelphia-headquartered global media and technology company said it plans to double the energy efficiency of its network by 2030, halving the electricity consumed per terabyte of … Read more

United States: an artificial intelligence has managed to predict crimes with 90% efficiency

iPhone 14 VR headset AirPods Pro 2 Apples busy program

Researchers from the University of Chicago have developed an algorithm with two functions: to predict crimes and to reveal biases in police interventions in the United States. Researchers at the University of Chicago have created an artificial intelligence capable of predicting the locations and dates of crimes in several American cities. It achieved a 90% … Read more

GXO uses Körber’s first artificial intelligence solution to improve warehouse efficiency

News > Providers > Körber’s Operator Eye helps the world’s leading contract logistics provider reduce picking errors by up to 75%. LONDON, UK, June 22, 2022 Körber has partnered with GXO Logistics, Inc. (NYSE: GXO), the world’s largest pure-play contract logistics provider, to develop the pioneering artificial intelligence-based Operator Eye solution that detects errors and … Read more

Teleradiology: the Lyonnais Imadis is betting on AI to improve the efficiency of the care offer

“We quickly understood the interest of artificial intelligence to improve our service. As soon as technologically mature solutions were proposed, we launched experiments. Result? Today, AI has become one of our strengths of differentiation”displays Alexandre Ben Cheick, co-founder of the Lyon medtech company Imadis. Created in 2008 by five young radiologists graduated from the Hospices … Read more