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Global Virtual Reality in Education Market Size Status and Outlook

The report on the virtual reality market in education is the most prominent research for those looking for comprehensive information on Virtual Reality in Education market. The report covers all global and regional market information, including historical and future trends for market demand, size, trade, supply, competitors and prices, as well as information on major … Read more

What image education in the age of social networks?

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

In a world saturated with images, it is urgent that, faced with them, our responses go beyond the emotional. Indeed, without an analysis guide, it is fascination that prevails, especially since the images, taken out of context, become viral, which makes their evaluation extremely difficult. All manipulations are then possible knowing that everyone can now … Read more

Big replay – Web3: “The metaverse impacts education, immobilization, industry, art… All sectors!”

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

On October 6, Big media and its TV set took up residence at Big, Europe’s biggest business event. During a show co-hosted with Usbek & Rica, entrepreneurs focused on virtual reality returned to the challenges and the importance of Web 3 and the turn to the metaverse to stimulate their creativity. How does the metaverse … Read more

Big replay Web3: “The metaverse impacts education, immobilization, industry, art… All sectors!” »

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

How does the metaverse equip creativity? What are the concrete incarnations of creativity that manifest themselves with the emergence of Web3.0? So many questions that many entrepreneurs ask themselves when they come to address the theme of the metaverse. Florie Debailleux, journalist at Usbek & Rica, Nicolas Parpex, director of the Cultural and Creative Industries … Read more

Harmonize computer science education with a pan-Canadian frame of reference

Harmonize computer science education with a pan Canadian frame of reference

In collaboration with an advisory group from all regions of Canada, the organization Canada in Programming proposes a Pan-Canadian Reference Framework for Computer Science Education. This aims to harmonize the teaching of computer science in the country, in particular by suggesting themes and a progression of learning. In Canada, several organizations work to promote and … Read more

Think now about the potential of the metaverse in education

Think now about the potential of the metaverse in education

You hear the expression metaverse and you smirk? Wait! These new collaborative digital environments could well offer opportunities for the world of education… and this, in the not so distant future. Overview with Alexandre Chenette, Marie-Eve Lapolice and Benoît Petit. “Virtual, immersive and persistent world, which allows the virtualization of human activities, in particular social, … Read more Funds UT Austin To Support Computer Science Education

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

AUSTIN, Texas — Investing in systemic change is key to successfully diversifying computer science education and the labor pool. As part of the first major private fund contribution to support the University of Texas at Austin’s Expanding Computing Education Pathways (ECEP) Alliance, provides grant support to ECEP to build additional capacity to expand participation … Read more

Parity and continuing education, weak links in cybersecurity ComputerWorld

In a global study, the computer security company Trellix stresses the importance of professional training, much more than diplomas, to compensate for the lack of cyber specialists. The low proportion of women also continues to prevail in these occupations. As cyber threats continue to multiply and grow in complexity, the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals … Read more

With Sylvie Retailleau, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research changes its mind, not its line

The government of Elisabeth Bornecase After Frédérique Vidal, it is still a former university president who takes the reins of the ministry. A continuity on the form which announces a continuity on the bottom. Change everything to change nothing? Sylvie Retailleau, president of the University of Paris-Saclay, has been appointed Minister of Higher Education and … Read more