The Metavers: a new channel for customer relations… and probably much more – EconomieMatin

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

The Metaverse is a 3D virtual universe that would represent the future of the Internet. The thing is, it’s been shaking up the high-tech planet lately. Some firms are talking about revenues amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars by 2030. Its impact on customer relations is emerging, even if a number of uses have … Read more

The European Union paves the way for artificial intelligence through research and development – EconomieMatin

On May 3, 2022, the European Parliament published its resolution on “Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age”, which calls for laws that promote innovation, while respecting fundamental rights and democratic principles. This roadmap is in addition to the artificial intelligence legislation adopted by the European Commission on April 21, 2021. This establishes a common regulatory … Read more

Computer security in hospitals and medical practices: a key factor in providing quality patient care – EconomieMatin

According to the Digital Health Agency (ANS), more than 730 cybersecurity incidents were recorded in France last year in the health sector. As with businesses, the cybersecurity maturity level of hospitals is likely to vary. Although a major awareness has been raised at the highest political level, there are still numerous attacks – this was … Read more

The inevitable digitization of portfolio management companies (SGP) – EconomieMatin

The rise of digital technology and new digital tools is having a profound impact on the asset management professions, including portfolio management companies. New opportunities are emerging thanks to the contributions of artificial intelligence which allow better customer knowledge. The use of digital tools tends to become widespread in all business sectors, particularly in finance. … Read more

The digital dilemma of the IT manager – EconomieMatin

Science fiction heroes all have a similar mission: to protect individuals in the landscape of new technologies, while trying to improve society. Likewise, CIOs need to guide their organization into new technology opportunities, without disrupting what has made them successful so far. Focus on the times The mission of today’s CIO is to build a … Read more

How to detect and reduce biases for responsible AI – EconomieMatin

Humans may have biases, but that doesn’t mean AI has to. Algorithms learn to behave primarily based on the type of data provided to them. If these contain underlying biases, the AI ​​model will learn to act accordingly. If companies don’t make sure their models are as fair as possible, they can let bias creep … Read more