Glass Coca Mcdo 2022: find out how to have your Mac Do glasses! – Mag Eco.

Glass Coca Mcdo 2022 find out how to have your

Very good news at Macdonald’s, the Coca Mcdo 2022 glasses have been back since July 28, 2022. Unlike previous years, the brand has decided to use artificial intelligence to surprise its customers. Indeed, each year the brand offers different colors and patterns, but for 2022, Macdonald’s strikes hard and innovates with a collection of glasses … Read more

The new eco – Wild Immersion immerses you in the heart of nature in the heart of the shopping center

The new eco Wild Immersion immerses you in the

The idea is surprising. Installing a space entirely dedicated to nature in the heart of a huge shopping center is the bet of Wild Immersion present for a semester at the Toison d’Or in Dijon. This is a first for this company specializing in the production of virtual reality films and the creation of experiences … Read more

The new eco – “Latlas” the first search engine on the internet without advertising or tracking and 100% Burgundian

The new eco Latlas the first search engine on

Are you looking for a search engine without ads, without advertising trackers, hosted in France, without history, without geographical positioning and without cookies? Atlas is for you. This new, tailor-made search engine is the first of its kind in France and is from Burgundy. Interview with its creator, webmaster Frédéric Plisson. Frédéric Plisson, the creator … Read more

The new eco – Coach’eo, the Dijon internet platform at the service of French sports coaching

The new eco Coacheo the Dijon internet platform at

It’s new and it’s a tool that could quickly become indispensable, the platform Coach’eo has just been launched in Dijon to connect sports coaches and their clients. Finding a coach, reserving or canceling a lesson is possible and for professionals, it’s a serious helping hand in managing schedules. How does this site work? Interview with … Read more

The new eco: Aenigma Venatorum, a Lodévois mobile game of 3D puzzles

The new eco Aenigma Venatorum a Lodevois mobile game of

A mobile game just created by puzzle shop based in Lodève, NKD Puzzle. Their wooden pieces have been scanned in 3D on this Aenigma Venatorum app. The first level is free and you have to pay 5 euros to access the other three. The goal is to reach new customers to convince them to come … Read more