[VIDEO] Strong earthquakes, a swarm near San Diego, a tsunami in Death Valley… When the earth shakes from California to Mexico, the fear of the “Big One” is reborn

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Seismic activity has been particularly intense from California to Mexico in recent days. This Thursday morning, a strong earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck Mexico, in the state of Michoacan. Three days earlier, in the same region, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake had already shaken Mexico. Enough to wake up old demons in the country, especially since … Read more

Floating in space can be fun, but study shows it’s tough on Earth bodies – Astronomy & Astrophysics News

Floating in space can be fun but study shows its

Have you ever wondered if you have something in common with an astronaut? It turns out there are 206 things — your bones. It’s these parts of our bodies that are the focus of a research study into bone loss in astronauts, and the important question of whether bone can be salvaged after returning to … Read more

Google Maps presents Immersive View, a mix of Earth and Street View

Google Maps presents Immersive View a mix of Earth and

This Wednesday, May 11, the Google I/O developer conference was held, during which the Mountain View company presented several new features on several of these products, and in particular a new immersive mode in Google Maps. Discover a place before setting foot there Over the years, Google Maps has transformed to become much more than … Read more

Harness e-waste, not Earth, say scientists – BBC News BBC Homepage

Harness e waste not Earth say scientists BBC News BBC

Victoria Gill Science Correspondent, BBC News 8 hours ago Photo credit, Royal Society of Chemistry image caption, Smartphones contain about 30 different elements, some of which are running out on Earth. There is an urgent need to accelerate the recycling of e-waste, scientists say, as mining precious metals for making new gadgets is unsustainable. According … Read more