Signs of Disturbance in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Point to an Alternative Gravitational Theory Astronomy & Astrophysics News

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Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that are usually found in galaxy clusters or near larger galaxies. For this reason, they could be affected by the gravitational effects of their larger companions. “We are introducing an innovative way to test the Standard Model based on the amount of dwarf galaxies perturbed by the gravitational tides … Read more

Explosion on an observed white dwarf – Astronomy and astrophysics news

When stars like our Sun run out of fuel, they shrink to form white dwarfs. Sometimes these dead stars come back to life in a super hot explosion and produce an X-ray fireball. A FAU-led research team has now been able to observe such an X-ray explosion for the very first time. “It was to … Read more