Aqemia raises 30 million euros to invent drugs

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From now on, she wants to continue to develop by developing her own drugs. In just one year, Aqemia has launched 12 research projects and wants to multiply this number. “We are looking for drugs, it’s simple to say but not easy to do”, says Maximilien Levesque. This former CNRS researcher has developed a platform … Read more

Specialized drug delivery system demonstrates high efficacy, potency against resistant strains and promises decreased development of bacterial resistance – News Pharmacology and Drugs

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Every year, 700,000 people die from antibiotic resistance. A growing global population is unfortunately generating growing resistance to established antibiotic treatments – a threat that has been met with insufficient funding and dwindling inspiration as commercial incentives for the development of new antibiotics have plummeted. A new study by researchers at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, … Read more

Drugs among young people: a viral video is controversial on social networks

Drugs among young people a viral video is controversial on

For several days, a video has been circulating on social networks and has created controversy. On the terrace of a closed Cortes establishment, we see four people who seem to be consuming narcotics. An event that revives the question of the fight against narcotics and the care of drug addicts on the island. Four young … Read more

Hamraoui case: “Dangerous drugs”, “breaking a kneecap” … Diallo’s worrying research before the attack

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In the case of the attack on PSG player Kheira Hamraoui, her former teammate Aminata Diallo and four other potential protagonists were placed in pre-trial detention on Friday September 16. The latter, considered to be the sponsor by the investigators, had done curious research on the internet a few days before the facts. Suspected of … Read more

Prescription fraud: How scammers seek out expensive drugs on social media

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Rap music blaring, the green light of a pharmacy flashing and the hilarious smile of a doctor with a white beard unearthed in an image bank. A video shared on the Telegram messaging app invites beneficiaries of universal health coverage (CMU) or 100% medical aid to come “scratch [leurs] under” to get the “payment in … Read more

Big Data reveals the secret of psychedelic drugs –

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Using Machine Learning and Big Data, a team of Canadian researchers tried to understand the effect of drugs on the brain. In the near future, artificial intelligence could recommend drugs to treat various mental illnesses. the human brain is an infinitely complex organ, and we are still far from understanding all its secrets. However, science … Read more

Small amounts of waste during drug administration could amount to thousands of discarded drug vials – News Pharmacology and Drugs

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Medicare could waste up to $605 million a year on controversial Alzheimer’s drug aducanumab if it’s finally approved for widespread use because it comes in fixed-dose vials that may not be suitable for all patients, resulting in the destruction of large volumes of unused medication. drug, new research findings from UCLA. The drug was found … Read more

Toulouse: Assizes, eight bullets, a corpse and drugs as motive

the essential On February 21, 2019, Samy Verdier was murdered in Colomiers in front of his brother. Two men are accused of this assassination under the background, again, of drug trafficking. The verdict of the Haute-Garonne Assize Court is expected on Thursday. A stolen car equipped with fake plates, balaclavas, DIY police armbands, weapons… On … Read more

Effective oral antiviral against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) – News Pharmacology and drugs

According to researchers from the Center for Translational Antiviral Research at Georgia State University. The results, published in the journal scientific advances, identify AVG-388 as the lead drug candidate, which effectively blocks the activity of viral RNA polymerase, an enzyme responsible for viral genome replication. RSV is a leading cause of lower respiratory tract infections … Read more

New approach identifies highly specific anti-cancer compounds – Pharmacology and Drugs News

Researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital have identified potent and highly specific compounds that interfere with bromodomain (BD)-containing proteins implicated in cancer. The compounds, called BET BD1 inhibitors, are a starting point in the development of potentially more effective cancer drugs with fewer side effects. The team reports in the Proceedings … Read more