DeepMind’s AI Discovers a New Method of Computing

DeepMinds AI Discovers a New Method of Computing

— metamorworks / An advanced artificial intelligence created by the company DeepMind has discovered a new way to multiply numbers. Described as the first advance of its kind in more than 50 years, this discovery could increase the speed of certain calculations by 20%. Improve matrix calculation The matrix multiplication, which consists of multiplying … Read more

DeepMind AI discovers new calculation method to speed up computers

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) A artificial intelligence (IA) succeeded in creating a new matrix calculation algorithm, more efficient than the one currently in use. The discovery may seem a little obscure for those who have not rubbed shoulders with the mysteries of matrix calculation. However, it could have … Read more

Zimperium Discovers New Iranian Android Spyware: RatMilad

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

Zimperium, the mobile security platform dedicated to enterprise environments, has just published its discovery on a family of Android spyware recently identified and dubbed RatMilad. Zimperium’s zLabs researchers detected this spyware after an unsuccessful attack on a Middle East-based corporate device protected by Zimperium’s machine learning-based malware protection solution. The previously unknown RatMilad spyware was … Read more

This AI discovers new physical laws on its own

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

The theories that allow us to understand physics, and everything around us, are based on variables. One can for example cite Einstein’s famous formula E=MC^2 which describes the relationship between energy, speed and mass. But finding these variables is in itself one of the most time-consuming tasks. And at the forefront of science, we increasingly … Read more

Decathlon has its e-commerce site hacked by ethical hackers and discovers 27 vulnerabilities

Decathlon has its e commerce site hacked by ethical hackers and

Decathlon is moving up a gear when it comes to hunting down security vulnerabilities in its information systems and e-commerce sites. On the occasion of the FIC 2022 cybersecurity exhibition held in Lille, Decathlon organized a live hunting session for the shortcomings of its e-commerce platform, a so-called “Live Bug Bounty”, open to ethical hackers … Read more

Lookout discovers Android spyware deployed in Kazakhstan

Lookout discovers Android spyware deployed in Kazakhstan

Lookout announced the discovery of enterprise-grade Android surveillance software currently in use by the government of Kazakhstan within its borders. Lookout researchers also found evidence of the deployment of the spyware – which Lookout researchers named “Hermit” – in Italy and northeast Syria. Hermit is likely developed by Italian spyware vendor RCS Lab SpA and … Read more