The EU puts 400K € for a gala in the metaverse: it’s a disaster –

Hashing everything you need to know about hashing digital data

The European Union spent 387,000 euros to create a metaverse, and threw a big virtual party to celebrate its launch. The problem? Only 6 people logged in to the event. Story of a fiasco. For many months, the metaverse is making headlines and attracts the attention of businesses and public authorities. Industrial giants are investing … Read more

US Army: Microsoft’s 22 billion AR glasses are a real disaster

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

The American military values ​​its reputation as the best-equipped army in the world. But sometimes, this penchant for cutting-edge technology can also hold some unpleasant surprises; the US Army is experimenting with it right now with Microsoft’s smart glasses, much to the chagrin of US taxpayers. In 2021, the US government signed a gigantic $22 … Read more

Experts say AI could one day trigger a major nuclear disaster

Une oeuvre dart generee par une IA gagne le premier

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The last decade has been marked by incredible advances in technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI). In particular, they are now so advanced that they can be used in a wide variety of fields such as medicine, art, security management, management, etc. However, certain … Read more

Disaster medicine: a virtual reality dome in the works in Toulouse

Paris, France – The Toulouse University Hospital should host a sensory dome in 2023 to prepare emergency teams to deal with disaster situations, by simulating them in particular through virtual reality, announced the Professor Vincent Bouneshead of Samu 31 (Toulouse University Hospital), during the congress Emergencies 2022 . With European funding of nearly 3 million … Read more

Natural disaster, attacks: why you may receive an alert on your mobile

Natural disaster attacks why you may receive an alert on

The government is deploying a new system to alert all French people with a mobile phone in the event of an emergency. A full-screen notification accompanied by a shrill sound. This is the new device, called FR-Alert, deployed by the authorities to warn each French person with a smartphone in the event of force majeure. … Read more