Digital barometer 2022: the French very connected and equipped – Computerworld

Digital barometer 2022 the French very connected and equipped

In 2022, equipment has multiplied within homes, as have uses. The annual digital barometer covers several aspects of everyday life: network quality, consumption habits, security and usage control. Sponsored by Arcep (Regulation Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts), the General Council for the Economy (CGE), the ANCT (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion) and since this … Read more

Digital barometer: what we remember from the internet and mobile habits of the French

Digital barometer what we remember from the internet and mobile

The Digital Barometer is an annual study carried out by CREDOC which analyzes the distribution of digital equipment and the evolution of their uses. What are the uses of French consumers and are they satisfied with the internet and mobile networks to which they have access? Here’s a little recap of what we picked up. … Read more

The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

The place of digital in the financial sector in Africa

Financial inclusion is a major economic and social issue worldwide. Digital is increasingly used as a lever, particularly through financial technologies. These are experiencing significant development and Africa is not left out of this dynamic. How is an African Financial Tech ecosystem created? Who are its players, what is its market and what are the … Read more

Carré Digital wants to re-enchant e-commerce with 3D

3D creation is the new dimension given to e-commerce by Jean-Frédéric Tanguy, founder of the Carré Digital agency, specializing in retail design. How ? By offering a virtual pop-up to luxury brands that want to offer a 100% immersive customer experience on the Net. Traditionally, the merchant site is a blank page with texts and … Read more

“Digital doping”: artificial intelligence ChatGPT, a threat to education?

Mental health the 10 innovations that will revolutionize 2023

For the past fortnight, Stéphane Bonvallet, university teacher, has observed some changes in the essays he corrects: “On a set of copies this week“, he says, “I found seven almost similar copies and when I cooked one of my students, she confessed to me that she used ChatGPT in her copy.” What put the flea … Read more

Mathieu Vidal: “Digital technology must be a lever for improving services to the public”

Mathieu Vidal Digital technology must be a lever for improving

Villes Internet brings together more than 9,000 public service actors for the development of citizen Internet and urban digital in the territories. Mathieu Vidal, President of the association, takes stock of the digital transition of communities. Discover all Archimag’s free thematic newsletters dedicated to professionals in digital transformation, libraries, archives, monitoring and documentation. What are … Read more

Registration for the “Digital Twins Trophies” is open until January 30th.

What were the most searched words on the internet in

The Digital Twins Trophies, organized by Twin+, builingSMART France and BIM World, aim to promote digital twins in the construction, real estate and urban development sectors. Registration for this first edition is open until January 30, 2023 and candidates must then submit their application by video by February 15, 2023. The presentation of the Trophies … Read more

By regularly shutting down the internet, Iran is sabotaging its digital sector

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

Reading time: 6 mins In Tehran (Iran). His company was one of the first Iranian start-ups in the field of sport. The platform run by Omid, who prefers not to reveal his identity or the name of his site, is a hit: tens of thousands of users have been able to register for sports lessons … Read more

Digital equipment and uses: how to limit my environmental impact on a daily basis?

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

Digital is everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, computers and the internet are part of our daily lives. However, according to ARCEP, digital today represents 3 to 4% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions worldwide and 2.5% in France. Fortunately, we can all act to limit its impact by adopting good behavior. Here is a few ways to reduce … Read more

Henri Trip wants to help activity providers and cultural players go digital –

Henri Trip wants to help activity providers and cultural players

Created in 2020, the Henri Trip platform allows visitors to organize their itinerary and book activities. The start-up also has a BtoB activity which aims to support activity providers in their digitization. Grégory Muratorio, its CEO, talks about the projects in progress for the year 2023 and the growing demand from tourism players and visitors … Read more