With the metaverse, a new step in the difficult fight against sexual assault on the Internet

With the metaverse a new step in the difficult fight

ROCCO After a few minutes of immersion in Echo VR, a sports game in virtual reality, we hear our first insult. In the reception room, intended for people who have not yet started a game, a player yells at another at the microphone. He suggests to him, first, to him ” suck anus », before … Read more

Vinted, Le Bon Coin, eBay: the difficult hunt for scams for second-hand sales sites

“It’s a nest of scams! “, indignant Mireille Bougeard, retired living in Besançon, about the Vinted platform. In January, she bought a virtual reality headset on the site for 250 euros but it never arrived at her home. It was when she consulted the parcel tracking that she understood the scam. “I saw that it … Read more