Cherbourg-en-Cotentin. Didier Souffleux is the new commander of the mobile gendarmerie squadron

Cherbourg en Cotentin Didier Souffleux is the new commander of the mobile

By Writing La Presse de la Manche Published on 15 Sep 22 at 15:20 The Channel Press See my news Follow this media Commander Didier Souffleux, formalized, brandished his weapon and declared: “Squadron 25/3 of assembled mobile gendarmerie, at your orders, Colonel! » (©La Presse de la Manche This Tuesday, September 13, 2022 was held … Read more

Didier Bourdon: “We are preparing the return of the Unknowns on TF1”

Beyond the plot which shows how the presence of a human robot within a family is not obvious, “The Perfect Man” evokes the question of artificial intelligence and its dangers. What do you think ? It’s a film shot three years ago but which remains relevant. While waiting for Elon Musk’s humanoid robot that can … Read more

Virtual world, music, circus, and dance for the show “carry me home” with Didier Stowe

LiViCi – Live and Virtual Circus It’s a whole new type of “cross-reality” entertainment as the Canadian company calls it: as we are used to presenting it to you in “Connected”: a single live event experienced simultaneously by spectators in person and a remote online audience attending through a livestream video and virtual world where … Read more