Purchasing power: your old electronic devices can bring you an incredible fortune!

The electronic label a must have in the face of the

While the purchasing power of the French seems to be decreasing more and more for lack of inflation, there is something that might help you. Indeed, it turns out that some of your old devices could well bail out your bank accounts. We’ll explaine everything here. Gold in your bottom drawer Whether on purpose or … Read more

Apple announces a “lockdown mode” on its devices to fight against spyware

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Reinforced security settings, which can be activated with a click to protect against the worst spyware: this is the novelty that Apple announced for its devices on Wednesday July 6. The manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and computers, whose software security vulnerabilities have been exploited in the past by the elite spyware Pegasushas decided to make … Read more

Why Fortnite Mobile Hasn’t Released For Android Devices Yet? – Tech Tribune France

Why Fortnite Mobile Hasnt Released For Android Devices Yet

In this article, I will tell you everything about (Fortnite/Fortnite Mobile). What is Fortnite? Fortnite for Android! Fortnite for iOS! we will cover all these things for you. This article is based on the information and theory of the majority of people involved in the concept of the game and the developer of the game. … Read more

Should you unplug your electronic devices when you go on vacation?

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Whether for questions of safety, economy, or energy consumption, should you unplug your electronic devices before going on vacation? Here is the answer to the question that many French men and women are asking themselves, on the eve of the long summer holidays! Finally, the well-deserved rest has arrived. No more work, school and everyday … Read more

Using Private Mode On Android Devices -Wikigain TechRadar

Using Private Mode On Android Devices Wikigain TechRadar

In this article, I will show you how to enable and use private mode on Android devices, especially Samsung Galaxy S5 and latest versions. In this topic, I will discuss all the details of private mode on all Android devices that have this feature. “Private Mode” is new on Android’s latest product. This feature is … Read more

Google sounds the alarm over Hermit, a spyware targeting Android and iOS devices

Google sounds the alarm over Hermit a spyware targeting Android

Google has just issued a severe warning to users of Android and iOS mobile devices in the face of the massive dissemination of a Hermit spyware strain. According to researchers Benoît Sevens and Clément Lecigne, from the threat analysis group (TAG) of the American giant, a variant of this iOS and Android spyware is currently … Read more

IT: how to deploy and secure Samsung devices in business?

IT how to deploy and secure Samsung devices in business

Companies all have computer equipment needs, and since all companies are different, their needs are just as different. It is on the basis of this observation that Samsung has developed appropriate tools to meet everyone’s needs through two ranges of complementary tablets, Galaxy Tab S8 and Galaxy Tab Active3. Inmac wstore adds to these products … Read more

Here is finally the list of Android and iOS devices that will no longer have WhatsApp from May 31, 2022

Here is finally the list of Android and iOS devices

This decision affects many users. Indeed, the latter will no longer be able to take advantage of the famous multi-platform mobile application which provides an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging system both via networks of mobile telephony than by Internet. A drastic measure The green-logoed messaging app owned by Meta Group (Facebook) is currently used by … Read more