A Review of Mobile Detection in the Age of COVID-19

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According to a study published in Health Data Sciencea Journal of scientific partners. Behind this work are researchers from the Sensing System for Health Lab led by Dr. Laura Barnes at the University of Virginia. They worked on promoting health and well-being using mobile sensing and data analysis techniques. Mobile sensing, a digital surveillance tool, … Read more

iPhone 14: car accident detection is more sensitive than expected

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Announced with a certain emphasis by Apple, during its last keynote, the detection of car accidents allowed with the iPhone 14 was tested in (almost) real conditions by a YouTuber. Independently tested by a YouTuber, the traffic accident detection function seems to be on point… but has a few surprises in store // Source: TechRax … Read more

Car crash detection: iPhone 14 and Apple Watch play guardian angels

Car crash detection iPhone 14 and Apple Watch play guardian

After fall detection, the Californian brand has equipped its latest Apple Watch Series 8 and Ultra, as well as its iPhone 14, with car accident detection. The Apple Watch can save lives. This was the opening message of Apple’s keynote, Wednesday, September 7 from the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino (California). In … Read more

Cadot wants a crowd detection system

Only two years from the Paris Olympics, incidents at the Stade de France in the Champions League final cannot remain unanswered. The interministerial delegate for major sporting events and the Olympic Games, Michael Cadotargued Thursday in the Senate for the adoption of a crowd movement detection system. Heard for two hours by the Senate Law … Read more

Accessibility: AirPlay for Apple Watch, door detection, automatic subtitles

Accessibility AirPlay for Apple Watch door detection automatic subtitles

Apple has released a new batch of accessibility-related news that will arrive over the next few months in all its products. The company is not waiting for announcements from WWDC, which will take place in less than a month, which seems to be becoming an annual tradition since it had already done it in May … Read more

Artificial intelligence: five minutes to understand Google’s new skin color detection system

The tech giant wants to commit to diversity. At its annual conference, Google announced last Wednesday the launch of a new shade classification, the Monk Skin Tone (MST) Scale, which, according to the company, will allow a better representation of skin colors across its platforms. Explanations. How does this classification work? Before the creation of … Read more