Benin: Father Benoît Hounton designs applications and software for the Church

Benin Father Benoit Hounton designs applications and software for the

Father Benoît Hounton, priest of the Diocese of Cotonou and designer of software and applications/Juste Hlannon/LCA Portrait Father Benoît Hounton, 47, a priest for 15 years, holds a degree in computer management and a master’s degree in computer systems engineering and computer project management. Passionate about computers since his studies at the seminary, he has … Read more

How Inodesign designs and manufactures its electronic boards and cables near Lille

When Mickaël Coronado, engineer and CEO of Inodesign, created his company 10 years ago, he wanted to go “against a current” habits consisting in obtaining electronic cards and cables from Asian suppliers. He first sets up a design and R&D office and then develops “the integration of all stages of design, manufacture and assembly of … Read more