Delete these 89 Android and iOS applications, they saturate your smartphone with advertisements!

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

There are more and more people who doubt the different capabilities of the smartphone. Indeed, can he hear us? Can he see us without our knowledge? Can he take some of our personal information without us knowing? Well, actually the answer is no. Smartphones do not have this skill. However, some applications can, without our … Read more

How to delete and uninstall apps from your Android phone?

How to delete and uninstall apps from your Android phone

This page was translated using AI and machine learning before being reviewed by a human editor in your native language. (Pocket-lint) – If you’ve had your Android phone for a while, chances are you’ve installed a number of different apps. Some of them are useless and you want to delete and uninstall them from your … Read more

Private life: one in three French people would like to delete themselves from the internet

Private life one in three French people would like to

According to a new study, the presence on the net torments the French a little less than the Americans, but some of them would make their data disappear from the web if they could. Would no longer have a presence on the net interest you? In short, this is the question that society has asked … Read more

Facial recognition: Clearview AI must delete all its data on Britons

The United Kingdom is the fourth territory to sanction in this way the company specializing in facial recognition, accused of illegally collecting millions of personal data. The American company specializing in facial recognition technologies Clearview AI has been fined 7.5 million pounds sterling (8.85 million euros) in the United Kingdom and will have to delete … Read more