UK: Non-consensual deepfake porn soon to be illegal

UK Non consensual deepfake porn soon to be illegal

At UKthe government should soon ban the sharing of deepfakes pornographic material created without the consent of the people they imitate. A notable but controversial advance in the face of an increasingly palpable problem. Pornographic deepfakes circulate very strongly on the web Based on artificial intelligence, deepfakes allow existing video or audio files to be … Read more

Intel’s deepfake detector is 96% accurate…for now

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

FakeCatcher is showing impressive performance, but new tricks will have to be found to counter future advances in deepfakes. With the current rise of artificial intelligence, deepfakes – those artificial intelligence-based digital tricks that replace a celebrity’s voice or face in a video or audio clip – represent a legitimate cause for concern; they are … Read more

L’acteur Bruce Willis devient la premire clbrit vendre son visage une firme spcialise en deepfake et ravive les dbats autour de la synthse d’images base sur l’IA

lacteur bruce willis devient la premiere celebrite a vendre

Lacteur Bruce Willis devient la premire clbrit vendre son visage une firme spcialise en deepfake. La manuvre intervient dans un contexte de controverse autour de cette technique de synthse dimages base sur lintelligence artificielle. En effet, les deepfakes sont cits comme tant une des applications dangereuses de lIA. Mme le terme vidotox qui est la … Read more

Scammer Runs Crypto Scam With Elon Musk Deepfake

It’s going to take a lot more convincing than that to fool the entire internet… but AI is advancing at high speed and it may only be a matter of time. So far, deepfakes have yet to spark the misinformation apocalypse that some observers anticipated when the technology exploded. But some tech-savvy scammers continue to … Read more