[VIDEO] Strong earthquakes, a swarm near San Diego, a tsunami in Death Valley… When the earth shakes from California to Mexico, the fear of the “Big One” is reborn

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Seismic activity has been particularly intense from California to Mexico in recent days. This Thursday morning, a strong earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck Mexico, in the state of Michoacan. Three days earlier, in the same region, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake had already shaken Mexico. Enough to wake up old demons in the country, especially since … Read more

Drome. The death of the sexagenarian in Nyons is of criminal origin: the son still wanted

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8:10 p.m.: For the investigators, there is no longer any doubt following the results of the autopsy of the body of the sexagenarian: it is a crime. “The first elements communicated by the medical examiner to the investigators now make it possible to affirm that the death of the victim is consecutive to the intervention … Read more

The conspirators apply their old recipes to the death of Elizabeth II

The conspirators apply their old recipes to the death of

Thus, at a time when the United Kingdom is mourning its sovereign, who died at the age of 96, on the internet false rumors, manipulated photos and other poisoning attributing her death to vaccines against Covid-19 or Hillary Clinton, are prospering. Far from being original, these themes had already emerged during the invasion of Ukraine … Read more

Death of Elizabeth II: how the announcement of the death of the sovereign pulverized a record on the Internet

Death of Elizabeth II how the announcement of the death

News of Queen Elizabeth II’s death sparked a massive influx of messages on Twitter. As indicated by the Visibrain platform, reported by BFMTV, some records have even been broken on the social network. Figures that prove the impact it could have. This Thursday, September 8, the Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96, … Read more

Chatting with a person after their death becomes possible thanks to artificial intelligence

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Britain’s Stephen Smith, launched StoryFile in 2017 in Los Angeles in the United States, a start-up which offers for a few tens of dollars, to exchange orally with a deceased loved one thanks to artificial intelligence. And it’s not a deep fakea fake version that will change his words, but in his real voice. >> … Read more

Miscellaneous – Drivers of two-wheelers fined, jailed under electronic bracelet for death threat… Miscellaneous facts from Cher in brief

Police officers from the Bourges police station have checked several offending two-wheeler drivers in recent days. Wednesday evening, rue Paul-Verlaine, around 8:45 p.m., a pilot refused to obey the orders of the police while he was riding a recently immobilized two-wheeler. Identified, the driver was fined recently for lack of a driver’s license. To succeed … Read more

The death knell will soon ring for Internet Explorer

The death knell will soon ring for Internet

Still installed by default on most Windows systems, Internet Explorer will soon have had its day. The Redmond firm has been preparing the ground since 2015 for the disappearance of the famous browser, in particular with the arrival of its replacement: Microsoft Edge. The company was slow to announce a shutdown date. She was originally … Read more