Data interoperability: how finance departments can (…)

The world around us is changing faster and faster and financial departments cannot always react adequately. This results in fluctuating numbers in the financial systems, which must determine the impact on business performance. To do this, real-time analyzes are necessary, consisting of a compilation of all the information relating to the turnover of the company … Read more

Mobivia (Norauto, Midas, …) creates a market place for automobile usage data

Mobivia Norauto Midas creates a market place for automobile

Mobivia, a car maintenance specialist with its Norauto and Midas brands and also a member of the Mulliez galaxy (Auchan, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, etc.), announces the creation of a market place for non-personal data on the use of the automobile. A platform to market its vehicle maintenance data This marketplace is called Afteriize. This platform … Read more

Delete your data on the Internet with Incogni and -60% off for Black Friday

Delete your data on the Internet with Incogni and 60

To celebrate Black Friday, the Incogni brand is offering an exceptional 60% reduction on its solution allowing you to protect your identity online. Find out below how to delete your personal data from the Internet while saving money! Discover the Incogni offer at -60% What if you started this end of the year with peace … Read more

How to remove your personal data from the Internet effortlessly?

How to remove your personal data from the Internet effortlessly

We all leave traces when browsing the Internet. Even being careful, it is almost impossible to remain incognito on the net. Whether it is data that is voluntarily left on social networks, or contact details given to a merchant site, it is almost impossible not to leave traces. Over time, our personal data is recorded … Read more

Good plan Orange package: 80GB of data at only €14.99!

Do you want to take advantage of a good mobile plan? Discover the Orange 80GB mobile data offer at only €14.99/month for 12 months, without commitment, instead of €29.99/month. Without further ado, we reveal the details of this exceptional offer. I take advantage of it! Good deal Orange mobile offer: 80GB at €14.99 It’s the … Read more

Global Privacy Assembly: two important resolutions for global data protection

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

An annual exchange between 80 countries on the protection of privacy The Global Assembly for the Protection of Privacy (or Global Privacy Assembly – GPA) is a forum for exchanges on a global scale that brings together more than 80 countries on subjects of common interest related to the protection of privacy. On the occasion … Read more

Apple can identify you through data collected without your knowledge by your iPhone

Facture electronique ce qui change pour la grande distribution

Earlier this month, two security researchers discovered that the iOS App Store sends everything you do there to Apple in real time, violating your privacy and its principles. It would seem that in addition, Apple can identify you. From champion of our private lives to collector of personal data in violation of the GDPR? Apple … Read more

Bioinformatics, data in the biological sense

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

The usefulness of bioinformatics for my research Bioinformatics applies just as much to the field of biology as to ecology, or even to paleogenomics, a discipline which aims to reconstitute ancient genomes. Moreover, Svante Pääbo, the Swedish pioneer in paleogenomics, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine 2022 for having carried out the complete sequencing of … Read more

Artificial intelligence and connected objects are revolutionizing data entry

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

If the farmer does not count his hours, there is an activity on which he would like to earn some: it is the management of administrative tasks! Less paperwork, more analysis, that’s the promise of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things applied to agriculture. On average, a farmer devotes 9 hours a week to … Read more

An autonomous Data team set up in 1 year at the mutual insurer Matmut

An autonomous Data team set up in 1 year at

Recruited barely a year ago, the very experienced Olivier Louis Monnier, Group Chief Data Officer of the mutual insurer Matmut, very quickly set up a Data team and an autonomous Data department which dialogues directly with the members of the Executive Committee. . An autonomous Data department in interaction with IT Olivier Louis Monnier presented … Read more