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Orange Sonatel opens Orange 5G Lab Dakar the first in

The Internet is undoubtedly a technology that has transformed the history of humanity like the internal combustion engine. Still unknown to the greatest number barely 30 years ago, the web is today the scene of countless shows, the workplace of a large part of the population and a privileged escape. Today used daily by billions … Read more

“To fight against waste and help purchasing power, we focus on the organization of daily meals” (Popotte Duck)

“A family of four throws on average the equivalent of one meal per week, i.e. one minimum wage in the trash.” It was on the basis of this observation that Alexia Desporte Richard had the idea of ​​creating Popotte Duck, with Romain Amate. Popotte Duck is a free application that helps to optimize shopping and … Read more

Artificial intelligence: from university labs to emergence in daily life, and tomorrow? – Silicon

Artificial intelligence is certainly the most significant technological advance of this 21st century, although it appeared as early as the 1950s, with the Turing trials and the first uses of machine learning. Like many technical breakthroughs – industrial machines, transistors, the Internet or mobile computing – AI was thought out and designed in academia before … Read more

iOS 16: these ten new features will simplify your daily life on iPhone

iOS 16 these ten new features will simplify your daily

In addition to the new features officially presented by Apple, iOS 16 will benefit from a myriad of small improvements on which Apple has not expanded. Among these, we have selected ten that should significantly improve your daily use of the iPhone. WWDC 2022 opened around Apple’s flagship operating system. To begin his keynote, Craigh … Read more

“The future of the mobile app depends on its daily usefulness”, Tiphaine Coupel (Infobip) – Strategies

Creating a mobile application is expensive, not only to develop it but also to maintain and update it afterwards. In addition, for several years now, some have been predicting the end of it and, in March 2022, the European Union reached an agreement on the Digital Market Act (DMA) involving the interoperability of instant messaging … Read more

Meta Platforms (FB) stock review – Daily news & Stock market analysis, should you buy FB stock at the current price? – Mag Mirror

Meta Platforms FB stock review – Daily news Stock

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Today’s news from Meta as of 05/11/2022: The Meta Retail Store, a physical store dedicated to the metaverse of the META group, has opened officially Monday, May 9 in Burlingame, Calif. It will be used to promote virtual reality through several Meta products, affirming the position of the parent company … Read more