Lot: following the crisis within the Figeacois Weightlifting Club, a new association is created… but is looking for a room

Orange Sonatel opens Orange 5G Lab Dakar the first in

the essential Is the showdown started two years ago at the Figeac Weightlifting Club between the president and a group of members ending? The dissidents have created a new association but they come up against the problem of the availability of equipment and the municipal hall. After more than two years of conflict, the hour … Read more

Betting on public relations to face the tech crisis

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

The collapse of the Nasdaq (28% loss since January, or 1000 billion dollars) has led to an unprecedented crisis in tech valuations. Rising interest rates have penalized the financing of technology valuations and the problem manifests itself in the private markets. Softbank announced $27 billion in losses for its Vision Funds over the past fiscal … Read more

The Russian computer code crisis: a big leap backwards

We recently explained how, by weaning them from crucial parts and components to keep them in modernity, Western sanctions were hitting hard, in Russia, an auto industry forced to return to old Ladas Where an aeronautics sector unable to repair its Aibus and Beoeing. As Bloomberg explainsthere is behind these windows a whole other section … Read more

Vendée: waste production in 2021 on the rise after the health crisis

Vendee waste production in 2021 on the rise after the

By Pierre Barboteau Published on Jun 28 ’22 at 4:46 PM The Journal of the Yonnais Country See my news Follow this media Waste will increase in Vendée in 2021. ©Redaction La Roche-sur-Yon The observation is clear: waste has started to rise again in the Vendée department, during the year 2021. The proof is in … Read more

What if quantum computing was the solution to the supply chain crisis?

What if quantum computing was the solution to the supply

Maritime transport is a colossal market, with more than 10 billion tonnes of goods transported each year. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), maritime transport provides around 90% of the transit of goods in the world and by 2050, the volume transported should triple. However, it is a polluting activity. Indeed, … Read more

Crisis at Easyjet: canceled flights, computer bug, lack of personnel… Where is the situation?

the essential Between computer bug and lack of personnel, the EasyJet company has faced a series of problems in recent days which have prompted it to cancel several hundred flights. The Ascension weekend was partly marked by the cancellation of more than 200 EasyJet flights. In France, the airports of Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, Lyon, Nice, but also … Read more

Visiting Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson in search of a way out of the crisis

Published on : 05/16/2022 – 17:55Modified : 05/16/2022 – 19:36 Boris Johnson on Monday urged unionists and republicans in Northern Ireland to agree to end the political paralysis, ten days after local elections that led to the historic victory of the Sinn Fein Republicans. Unionists refuse to participate in the executive if the Northern Irish … Read more

How the health crisis and fiber boosted digital uses

1650430590 How the health crisis and fiber boosted digital uses

If digital was already essential before the Covid-19 epidemic, it has now become essential. This is revealed, unsurprisingly, by a joint study by Arcom, the audiovisual regulator, and Arcep, the telecoms regulator, published on March 16. This “digital usage repository” is rich in lessons. First, in 2020, more than nine out of ten French people … Read more