Marion Créhange, first person to have obtained a doctorate in computer science in France, has just died at 85 in Nancy

Marion Crehange first person to have obtained a doctorate in

The first thesis in computer science in France was defended by a woman, Marion Créhange, in 1961. She has just died at the age of 85 in Nancy. A visionary, she became interested in the structure of the programming language and the search for images. On March 31, 2022, Marion Créhange died in Nancy, at … Read more

“She appeared as a character”: discover Marion Créhange, long-forgotten French computer pioneer

She appeared as a character discover Marion Crehange long forgotten French

Marion Créhange is the first person to have written a thesis in computer science, in France, in 1961. We have plunged into her biographical journey, with the support of testimonies, to draw you the portrait of a pioneering woman, who died in March 2022. When Natacha Portier, professor of computer science at ENS Lyon, discovered … Read more