How will the metaverse change content creation?

How will the metaverse change content creation

Content is one of the foundations of the Internet. It comes in many of the forms supported by the current Web2 Internet iteration – text, audio, video, or a combination of the three. But the content is a limited free resource. Additionally, content creators are now seen as thought leaders, influencers, and the lifeblood of … Read more

Accelerates: one year after the creation of Aldous, Mélanie Nechachby inaugurates her website

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

“ I launched my site exactly a year after the creation of my brand. Three months ago, we left designer Mélanie Nechachby with a series of challenges to complete in order to develop her clothing brand unisex, ethical and eco-responsible Aldous. The entrepreneur, who sources her raw materials from a recycling center or Secours Catholique; … Read more

Taille du marché de la création de contenu de réalité virtuelle, analyse SWOT, indicateurs clés, tendances du secteur et prévisions 2029 –

Taille du marche de la creation de contenu de realite

Data Bridge Market Research dans son rapport intitulé Virtual Reality Content Creation Market offre des informations complètes et des recherches détaillées sur ce marché. Le rapport couvre les facteurs clés qui propulsent la croissance du marché de la création de contenu de réalité virtuelle, les opportunités lucratives inexploitées pour les fabricants, les dernières tendances et les … Read more

“Digital creation must become mobile first”, Martin Clamart (Mobile Marketing Association) – Strategies

“Do you still make horizontal videos for your digital com? — Yes, I don’t have the budget to make more specific mobile creations. This is what a digital marketing manager could say to his CMO. This is what we still see today but which has fortunately evolved in recent years. With 70% of internet traffic … Read more

Website creation: a practical guide for health professionals

To have permanent visibility, professionals create their website. But the benefits of a site don’t stop there. If developed correctly, it can allow you to acquire new patients and then retain them. It simplifies the contact between you and your customers. He weaves a bond of trust between professional and patient, and thus gives you … Read more

Zyro, the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

Zyro the platform that is revolutionizing the creation of websites

Designing a pretty site isn’t just for IT pros anymore. You don’t even have to hire an outside agency to create a website anymore. Indeed, for a few years now, web platforms like Zyro have given you all the cards in hand to succeed in your site creation project simply and in no time. Zyro … Read more

IT professions: job creation on the rise by 2030, risk of a talent shortage, etc.

IT professions job creation on the rise by 2030 risk

Good news for jobs: 1 million jobs should be created by 2030, according to the report Professions in 2030 published jointly by France Stratégie and the DARES (Directorate for the coordination of research, studies and statistics). This study, which is based on a nomenclature of 83 professional families, meets a dual objective: anticipate the recruitment … Read more

Creation of BPCE IT Solutions to serve all business lines…

Creation of BPCE IT Solutions to serve all business lines

BPCE IT Solutions thus brings together 2,600 employees, information systems professionals from i-BP (Banque Populaire IT), IT-CE (IT and Technologies Caisse d’Epargne) and CIOs from the SEF (Services and Expertise Financial) and Group Insurance. This new group is now a major employer in the field of IT with the annual recruitment of around 100 permanent … Read more

Artificial intelligence, the new frontier of creation? – Strategies

May 11, 1997, France was still not world football champion but an even more decisive match marked history, it announced an upheaval for our civilization. I remember, the news was everywhere. Chess champion Garry Kasparov, the best human in the discipline, lost the sixth game of a historic match against Deep Blue, the 1.4 ton … Read more