Elon Musk threatens to create his own iPhone if Apple kicks him out of the App Store

Elon Musk threatens to create his own iPhone if Apple

As rumors swirl about the arrival of Apple Music at Teslathe small exit of Elon Musk around a possible threat of the exit of Twitter of the App Store reignites the tensions between the two American companies. A very real threat? Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk, it’s a bit of a berezina. … Read more

The best artificial intelligence tools to work and create

The best artificial intelligence tools to work and create

Artificial intelligence does real little miracles. We use it today sometimes without realizing it. Here are some very interesting tools. L’artificial intelligence (AI) never stops influencing tech, sometimes without even being noticed. Whether in games like Minecraft or to detect diseases, AI engines can be very practical on a daily basis for our productivity or … Read more

Ubisoft and Riot Games want to create an AI to end harassment in online games

Ubisoft and Riot Games want to create an AI to

The two video game players have decided to join forces to launch the “Zero Harm in Comms” research project. They aim to set up an AI capable of detecting toxic behavior in online games in order to make it a cyberbullying policeman. Give back to online video games their friendly, healthy and community spirit in … Read more

How the metaverse will create a new cybercrime according to Interpol – LeBigData.fr

Hashing everything you need to know about hashing digital data

Interpol fears that the metaverse could create new types of cybercrime and is preparing for this eventuality. This new technology can allow existing crime to occur on a larger scale according to the international criminal police organization. Understanding the Metaverse To put it simply, the metaverse is a virtual space in which Internet users can … Read more

How to Create a Custom Face for an Android Smartwatch

How to Create a Custom Face for an Android Smartwatch

Tired of the dials your smartwatch brings? We show you step by step how you can create a custom watch face for your Android smartwatch. One of the characteristics of Android is its great capacity for customization and we can also find this functionality in its smartwatches, since these allow us to customize the clock … Read more

How Movio’s AI will create your marketing videos automatically – LeBigData.fr

Salt artificial intelligence creates its first film and you can

Movio offers an artificial intelligence platform to automatically create marketing videos from simple text. Now established in California, the Chinese startup hopes to seduce marketers around the world by letting them create innovative content very easily… Throughout 2022, generative artificial intelligence has taken off dazzling. Grace text-to-image algorithms from groups like OpenAI and Stability AI, … Read more

Meta and Simplon.co join forces to create Metaverse Academy

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

From the start of the 2022 academic year, Meta and Simplon.co will offer free training dedicated to metaverse and immersive technologies in four major cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. The objective will be to train around twenty students per city and per class, or around one hundred people in total for the first pilot … Read more

Why create an immersive experience in communication?

Why create an immersive experience in communication

A festive digital animation for L’Occitane en Provence by WANDS Paris An immersive brand experience presents an enriched environment that encourages the target to use their senses, to feel involved and to interact. The immersive experience now takes several forms in the communication strategy of brands and in the creation of appropriate content – ​​transformed … Read more

15 types of visuals to create on Canva: Story, photo montage, mockup, presentation…

15 types of visuals to create on Canva Story photo

Can go is a graphic design tool that allows you to create many visuals easily: publications for social networks, announcement of an event, professional presentations, organization charts… Here is a list of visuals to easily create on this particularly intuitive creation tool! 5 types of visuals to animate your social networks Instagram Stories Canva allows … Read more