What is this crazy new project from the founder of Revolut?

What is this crazy new project from the founder of

Nikolay Storonsky does not have the typical profile of the lambda startuper. Originally from Russia before being naturalized British, the entrepreneur began his career in investment banking. After a whirlwind stint at the defunct Lehman Brothers, he continued his journey at Credit Suisse as a trader in an equity derivatives team. Five years later, he … Read more

Follow 100,000 animals to take advantage of their sixth sense: the crazy bet of the “Internet of animals”

Predicting a natural disaster or the emergence of a virus, animals could one day help us. How ? Thanks to the large-scale study of their behavior, often guided by a sixth sense foreign to humans. For this, researchers launched two years ago a large-scale project, ICARUS, aimed at eventually equipping 100,000 sentinel animals with sensors … Read more

Play Azur Festival 2022: the program of festivities on the GAMERGEN.COM stand for this crazy weekend (with a super exclusive)

Play Azur Festival 2022 the program of festivities on the

The fifth edition of Play Azur Festival will open its doors tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, May 14 and 15, 2022. Throughout the weekend, web culture (Youtubeweb-series…), pop culture (cosplay, video games, SF, comics, manga, steampunkJapanese culture…) and new technologies (sciences, robotics, popularization…) will be there. For six years, we have shared … Read more

Sorare: complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that is driving the web crazy

Sorare complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that

Sorare represents the new generation of fantasy football but in a more complex version. This comprehensive guide covers all the steps you need to take to get started on the platform. Sorare is a fantasy football game available worldwide, played with digital cards NFT under license of your choice. These can be used collectively to … Read more

The iPod is no more: 6 crazy figures on the product that made Apple

The iPod is no more 6 crazy figures on the

He was a hard disk walkman, before equipping himself with a flash memory, developing iTunes, receiving the Internet, a touch screen, and marking an entire generation. After 21 years of career – the age of maturity in the United States – the iPod is no more. Apple has withdrawn from sales its most popular model … Read more

A mobile plan + a smartphone + a connected watch at a crazy price at SFR

The official French Days period may be over, but that does not mean that the bargain season is too. The proof with SFR, which currently places the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G smartphone at the center of an advantageous offer. The South Korean manufacturer’s 5G terminal can be purchased for just 1 euro when combined … Read more