Craiyon, the automated image generation tool that social networks love

By Chloe Woitier Posted 6 hours ago, Update 6 hours ago Images automatically generated by Craiyon with the query “shiba-inu surfing in space, anime style” Crayon Also known as the “Dall-E Mini”, this AI designs often absurd images. Its co-creator Boris Dayma looks back on this unexpected success. Difficult to escape the phenomenon on social … Read more

Crayion Craiyon (DALL-E Mini): all about the AI ​​image generator that is setting the web on fire

Crayion Craiyon DALL E Mini all about the AI ​​image generator

Dall-E Mini is an artificial intelligence that generates images from texts. The result is often very strange, and this new tool ignites social networks. Find out everything you need to know. The encounter between art and artificial intelligence often produces results that are as strange as they are fascinating. In 2016, actor Thomas Middlditch created … Read more