AI law: last minute changes to EU Council text

AI law last minute changes to EU Council

*This article has been updated to clarify the micro and small business exemption. The EU Council’s position on landmark legislation to regulate artificial intelligence (AI) was shared on Friday (11 November) with some last-minute tweaks made by the Czech Presidency. The text was sent to other member states to get the green light from EU … Read more

AI law: the Council of the EU is getting closer to a common position with an almost final text

AI law the Council of the EU is getting closer

The Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU circulated on Wednesday (19 October) a new compromise on the regulation on artificial intelligence (AI), which should form the basis of an agreement next month. The AI ​​Regulation is landmark legislation that aims to regulate the industry based on its potential risks. The Czech Presidency has … Read more

Municipal Council – Website, lighting, shooting of a film, the deliberations of the municipal council of Clamecy

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

premium In Clamecy, the municipal council votes to turn off the night lighting A movie’s making. The Amazon Prime Movie Alphonse, by Nicolas Bedos, with Jean Dujardin and Charlotte Gainsbourg, will be shot on Thursday September 29 and Friday September 30, in Clamecy, first on rue de la Monnaie, then in the former CET, the … Read more

AI very largely under-exploited in the public sector (Council of State)

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The French public sector is lagging behind the private sector in terms of the use of artificial intelligence, regrets the Council of State in a report. The projects remain essentially experimental. A strategy therefore remains to be built and driven, but without neglecting trust. Improving the customer experience, predictive, personalizing content, optimizing processes: the … Read more

Bitcoin, ether (Ethereum)… cryptocurrencies are resisting the good employment figures: the Stock Exchange Council

Bitcoin ether Ethereum cryptocurrencies are resisting the good employment figures

Bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH, Ethereum) are resisting quite well, like other risky assets (equities in particular), the good employment figures unveiled last Friday in the United States (good health of the labor market, which supports the idea of ​​fairly rapid monetary tightening by the Fed). At more than 24,000 dollars at the time of … Read more

Éric Salobir, National Digital Council: “AI must be at the service of a social project with the human being at the center” – ToulÉco

Eric Salobir, why the National Digital Council [1] did he go to Toulouse last week? For several months, we have undertaken to tour the territories to take stock of research activities in France in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In Toulouse, there is one of the three French hubs dedicated to AI. We conducted … Read more