How will the metaverse change content creation?

How will the metaverse change content creation

Content is one of the foundations of the Internet. It comes in many of the forms supported by the current Web2 Internet iteration – text, audio, video, or a combination of the three. But the content is a limited free resource. Additionally, content creators are now seen as thought leaders, influencers, and the lifeblood of … Read more

Fight against terrorist content on the internet: last step taken in the Senate

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

Like a symbol. The mixed parity committee meeting on July 19 had reached an agreement. This meeting between seven deputies and seven senators aimed to find a compromise on the bill on the prevention of the dissemination of terrorist content on the internet. It was the very first of its kind, since the legislative elections. … Read more

iPhone: 5 applications to create content on social networks!

iPhone 5 applications to create content on social networks

Working from your iPhone is becoming more and more common, especially for people who work in social networks such as Community Managers or Social Media Managers. If this is your case, discover 5 applications available on iOS that will make your daily life easier for your visuals on social networks. 5 apps to create social … Read more

Graphics and content: 8 must-have trends in 2022

Graphics and content 8 must have trends in 2022

Brand New Day Agency, specializing in social media management, publishes a complete guide on trends in graphic design and content. The objective: to give keys to digital professionals in order to identify trends that will allow them to stand out. Indeed, the agency points out that the average attention span of a user on social … Read more

Wirelessly manage Android content on desktop, web and app

Wirelessly manage Android content on desktop web and app

In this article, I will show you how to wirelessly manage Android content on desktop, web, and app. There are hundreds of software you can use to manage your Android content, but the software is not wireless and you need to connect your phone to the computer via a cable, while Anytrans will now allow … Read more

Postly, the complete and collaborative tool for creating, programming and publishing content on social networks

Postly the complete and collaborative tool for creating programming and

Managing a company’s social networks takes a lot of time. You have to rack your brains to come up with an idea for content, schedule it on several social platforms and analyze the impact. To simplify this daily task, there are social media management tools. Among them, Postly. It offers the ability to design and … Read more

Apple VR headset approaching: the apple hires the cream of Hollywood to create the best content

Apple VR headset approaching the apple hires the cream of

News hardware Apple VR headset approaching: the apple hires the cream of Hollywood to create the best content Published on 08/06/2022 at 12:40 Yes, Apple’s latest Keynote ultimately didn’t teach us anything about realityOS or the apple’s potential VR/AR headset. Does this mean that the Cupertino company has stopped working on these projects? No way. … Read more

Apple’s mixed reality headset would feature content created by Hollywood directors

There will come a time when the iPhone will no longer have the huge sales that Apple and its shareholders have grown accustomed to. What will be the next big thing from Apple? For years it has been speculated that some sort of augmented reality glasses will replace Apple’s iconic smartphone to become the tech … Read more

“Influencers” and “content creators” establish their presence in Cannes

Influencers and content creators establish their presence in Cannes

Its partnership with Tik Tok, the Cannes film festival took an unexpected turn this year. That of a certain revival, of a rejuvenation of its public in any case. Decried by certain purists, die-hard cinephiles, this rapprochement had nevertheless been brewing for several years between the High Mass of Seventh Art and social networks, which … Read more

The Hérault “content creator” Olivier Puech, reference of the organic vegetable garden on the internet

First on YouTube®, the farmer from Lignan-sur-Orb carries his passion with his “Terra-potager” project. Producer of fruits and vegetables, but also of videos on YouTube®, digital articles, books: Olivier Puech defines himself as a “content creator”. And he’s right ! The Héraultais now has more than 330,000 subscribers on his YouTube® channel (Olivier’s Vegetable Garden) … Read more