MAINTENANCE. Spotting fake reviews on the internet: “It’s up to the consumer to investigate and have a critical mind”

the essential Yannick Chatelain, teacher-researcher specializing in new technologies and associate professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management, analyzes the challenges of false customer reviews on the Internet. Who can be the source of fake reviews? There are service providers who offer companies to sell them opinions. It can be positive reviews against their products or … Read more

Synthesio, an Ipsos company, will show how AI is revolutionizing consumer research at events in June

Synthesio an Ipsos company will show how AI is revolutionizing

NEW YORK, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — More and more marketing and insights teams are turning to AI to find new ways to understand consumers. In this context, Synthesio is pleased to announce its participation in the Tech Demo Day of the Social Intelligence Lab, at IIEX Europe in Amsterdam, as well as a … Read more

Meta (Facebook) opens its first store: Consumer VR headsets and Metavers is slowly but surely coming to fruition! – Mag Mirror

Meta Facebook opens its first store Consumer VR headsets and

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn Many teenagers own virtual reality headsets, but have they started using them like smartphones? For now, the answer is no. A quarter (26%) of teens say they own a virtual reality headset, a higher level of VR device ownership than expected, but with only 5% of teens saying they use … Read more