Box Internet: ARCEP will soon reveal how much they really consume

It’s been a few weeks since the major Internet service providers in France responded to the call for energy sobriety by deploying updates targeting their equipment. The majority of box thus benefited from a update to limit their standby consumption or add a deep sleep mode when not in use. ARCEP is preparing a new … Read more

The neural networks that underpin social media can consume an infinite amount of energy – Enerzine

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Artificial neural networks are being deployed extensively by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to recommend content that matches user preferences. This process is energy-intensive and generates significant carbon emissions. In fact, the entire global energy supply could be used to train a single neural network. That’s why the researchers behind a new study … Read more

To detoxify from mobile, it is better to consume in moderation

To detoxify from mobile it is better to consume in

In Paris, in January 2019. THIBAULT CAMUS/AP A single glance around you is enough to see it. Smartphones have become our doubles, for information, communication, games, etc. Worldwide, more than 3.5 billion people own one, and their average time in front of this screen (more than 3 hours a day) has been steadily increasing. Even … Read more