Electronic cigarettes: what are the consequences for your teeth?

Electronic cigarettes what are the consequences for your teeth

THE ESSENTIAL This isn’t the first time vaping has been suspected of harming our teeth. Previous research has shown links between e-cigarette use and gum disease and damage to tooth enamel. Electronic cigarette users are more likely to develop cavities. This is revealed by a new study conducted by professors at … Read more

iPhone power saving mode: how to activate it and what are the consequences? – CNET France

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This is one of the least favorite alerts for iPhone users: “Low battery. 20% battery left. When this message appears, you can tap “Power saving mode” or ignore it and click “Close”. At least the users of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max now receive low battery alerts via the interactive notch Dynamic Island instead … Read more

Metaverse: what consequences for the environment?

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How does the Metaverse work? The Metaverse is a combination of a multitude of technologies, including augmented reality, virtual reality and many more. They allow users to live in a fully digital world. In this digital world we would find real people represented by digital avatars who can interact with each other. For example, video … Read more

Metavers: “I fear the consequences of the centralization of power”

12:02 p.m., May 21, 2022 What is your definition, as a legal scholar and scholar, of the metaverse?​It is above all an IT, technical and technological object, but not legal. We can see the metaverse as a digital environment in which social interactions are possible. It’s a reality simulator, much like there are flight or … Read more