PolkaDot LivingFree: an amazing Tiny House (off the grid) with a Starlink internet connection

PolkaDot LivingFree an amazing Tiny House off the grid with

Do you dream of a functional, autonomous, on wheels, ecological, affordable, modular, versatile, but also off-road and off-grid suitable small house? You must then take a few minutes to read what follows, and discover the Polkadot LivingFree. This small house combines all the qualities mentioned above and will be presented at the next electric vehicle … Read more

Broadband Index Cisco 2022: Plan France Very High Speed, 71% of French people want the acceleration of the deployment of a high-speed and reliable Internet connection – Forbes France

Broadband Index Cisco 2022 Plan France Very High Speed 71

Cisco recently unveiled the new edition of its Broadband Index which demonstrates the demandingthis increase in French people regarding the quality of their Internet connection. Conducted with nearly 60,000 working people across 30 countries, with a particular focus on France, the study questions their opinion on their access to the Internet, the quality of theirconnection … Read more

Xbox, Internet connection and DRM: this is how access to games works

Xbox Internet connection and DRM this is how access to

The Xbox Live outage which happened last weekend affected a number of people and put back on the table the issue of DRM on Xbox. While Microsoft has indicated thatan update would improve thingswe now know more about how DRM works on Xbox, and how it posed a problem for accessing games. What was the … Read more